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Default Re: .:The Pe2k PokeMafia:. [Open]

Originally Posted by Neku Sakuraba View Post
MY FELLOW MAFIANS. WE SHALT--*Coughcough* *Ahem* We must expand! Let me see...any story writers? And I'll spread the Mafia to the WFL. :)P Also, Akinator is a good time-waster. It's a 21Q, but with extended knowledge. Like, I was thinking of Neku Sakuraba from TWEWY. He guessed it. 21Q could NEVER do that.

World Domination.
I'm so glad everyone has ideas! Woo! I do some story writing in my spare time, but would love to see some from everyone else. And the WFL? AWESOME. WE WILL TAKE OVER BATTLING.

Oh man, I've used Akinator before. So awesome.

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