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Name: Zetsu
Currently: ....... Uhh... =/

Zetsu falls to the ground, absolutely dumbfounded by what just transpired. He thought he was doing the right thing by "helping" but instead was tricked himself. Zetsu felt a small wave of anger rush over him, his eyes fading out, the anger building up inside him..

"This is the last time i help some hapless stranger, these people have no dignity what-so-ever...."

Zetsu washed himself by the nearby pond, a little further into the forest, then proceeded to keep searching for his ever elusive pokemon, now wide away from the.....annoying event that just occured....

High, Low, in trees, under fallen trees. Zetsu continued searching, determined no to leave this forest untill he's caught what he came here to capture. He continues heading north into the forest, untill he hits a blockade of rocks, seperating him from the northern edge of the forest, and decides to head west, eager not to stop searching, for however long it takes.
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