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Originally Posted by Latio-Nytro View Post
Logan 'Atlas' Falchino
Party: Kunai the Shellder, KatAna the Phanpy, Divebomb the Sunkern
Need Sleep Nowz

Logan arrived at Route 2, coming from Route 1.

Logan read a small, little sign that said that Celestia's second route was his current location. OK, that was good. Now, to set up the tent...

He was sleepy, and his work with nailing the pegs in was subpar (and he nearly hit himself with the hammer). He put the tarp up, just in case, and returned his Pokemon to their PokeBalls, but the instant he pulled out the good old sleeping bag (sized just right for him), he could do no more. Tired from the day and last night, he immediately fell asleep the instant he got in the bag.
Official's Post:

You awake with the pitter-patter of rain pounding against your tent. What time was it? Night? Morning? It was difficult to tell. You clamber out of your tent to find that a little bag has been placed in front of its entrance.

Upon looking inside its contents, you find a small stone and a scrap of paper.

"To Do List"
Find Leaf Stone
Evolve Glomm

You are perplexed. Should you go in search of the owner?

Logan obtained a Leaf Stone!

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