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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post

Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Investigating bells

Gee, you sure know how to cheer me up, don't ya?

Mr. Narrator has, indeed, lost his noodle. But I think I found that out somewhere between the rampaging Electivire and the near-arrest. Still, good to have you back. I think.

I wandered up to the bells, awestruck. What on earth could these be doing here? This was the middle of the forest—as far as I could tell, there was nothing here. No houses. No people. No civilization. Just open space. It was nice to be back out in the sunshine again, but I had to wonder what was with this place.

But the bells… I walked up to the one in the middle and let my hand rest on the cold medal. They had a certain charm to them; beautiful, almost. I couldn’t tell how long it had been here, but I assumed that it must have been here for quite some time. I had the sudden urge to ring it, curious to hear the sound they would make.

I glanced over to my Pokemon, intrigued by their behavior. Did they know this place? If so… what did they expect me to do? Maybe they wanted me to ring it? Well, I didn’t see any harm in it, plus I was very curious to hear its chime. I gave the middle bell a good push and waited for the song it would sing.
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Just doing my job! If I see a spade, I'm calling it a spade.

Don't worry! Plenty more Electivire-esque narrations to come, I assure!

There was little around to imply any kind of history or association with the bells. Their appearance here was as unusual as a cow's appearance on Route 1. Completely unusual.

You ring the middle bell. It lets out a harsh melody, almost deafening the ears of you and your fellow companions. However, despite the pain-inducing noise that has just come about you and your squad, Freya and Blaze do not look unimpressed. Freya flaps her wings enthusiastically, squawking and flailing and moulting feathers everywhere. Blaze, on the other hand, lets out a large roar - the flame on his tail doubles in size for a few seconds. The bell appears to have had a strange effect on your Pokemon. They look much more powerful now! (Freya and Blaze have earned +2 battle/evolution experience.)

As the bell lets out its final chime, the ground surrounding it begins to crumble. The bell collapses and falls into the depths below, leaving a gaping crater in the earth where it once stood.

Two bells remain.

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