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Default Re: Are there too many Pokemon?

Originally Posted by Frost Dragon View Post
I don't think the number is entirely the problem. The problem comes from the fact that after a while, the creators seem to run out of ideas for the pokemon, to the point that they just draw a face on an inanimate object. I'm noticing that far more recently.
Yeah I see what you mean. Wait, no I don't.

With pokemon designs, not even the sky is the limit.
That they are running out of ideas is only your baseless assumption.
How do I know? Because people have been saying that since ever. I didn't see where they were coming from with that back then, and I still fail trying to, now.

They once said in an interview that they have so many designs each gen, that only a fraction actually make it into the games.

Oh and next time, consider the fact that you are literally defending six eggs with faces.

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