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Default Re: Sirius City

Trainer: 'The Sender [Eti Molo form]'

[Pleasant | Mortull | QueenBee | Waterlog | DuctTape | BigSofty]
In Storage:
Currently: Entering Sirius City.

Terrorising skyscrapers hung overhead the warming city of Sirius. People of all different varieties and personalities lived here. A rather fitting place for a person who wished to continue undetected. The Sender had a very clear mission in mind and as such he had no time for trivial games such as holiday resorts, the beach or a Pokemon gym. No. He was here strictly on business.

The Sender strolled into the city ominously. He looked around curiously; it was clear he was trying to find a specific destination. Regardless, it was better to fit his new skin sooner rather than later. He debated whether or not he should introduce himself to Eti's, or rather his, Pokemon but decided against it. The more normal he acted the better, he thought.

"Here's the plan," he whispered to himself. "Infiltration."

The Sender was very aware that Sirius was home to one of the largest Pokemon-based corporations in the world - PokeGen. Very aware. Striding up into the building, he entered through the large door at the front. He looked for a front desk, walking to the middle of the room and softly whispering "hello?"

Entered Sirius City from Route 8.
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