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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post
Location: Sirius City
Item(s): Good Rod, Hone Claws, Retaliate, U-Turn, Volt Switch.
282 - 165 = 117
Link to stats: Here!
Official's Post:

Sirius City PokeMart Clerk

"Thank you for joining us at Sirius City's PokeMart!" the clerk happily waves to you, putting your items into carrier bags. "Here you go! 165 stars, please!"

You hand the currency to the clerk and she exchanges them for the items you desire.

"Have a nice day!" she tips her hat. "Those TMs are bound to be useful against the gym leader!"

Corey received a Good Rod, a TM Hone Claws, a TM Retaliate, a TM Volt Switch and a TM U-Turn! Make sure to deduct the stars from your total and add your purchase to your stats!
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