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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: PokeGen HQ

I saw the sliding doors close in a large building. I had no idea who entered, but I was curious about the large building. I went up to the building. "PokeGen HQ" the sign read. I had no idea what it was or what it meant, but I was intrigued. I then opened the door for myself and saw Eti at the front desk!

"Eti! It's been too long!" I hugged him. He turned around with a menacing look. I was immediately intimidated. "Eti...? What's the matter?" I mumbled. He seemed puzzled. He just looked different. Like he didn't even know me. We stood there for a while, staring each other down. He then turned around and began his business like he had before. He was ignoring me. "...Eti." I whispered. He ignored the cry of his name. He was acting really strange. I forcefully turned his body around. "ETI." I screamed.

He never responded. 'What is his problem...?' I thought to myself. Volcano stared him down. There really was something different. I couldn't put my finger on it. Same Eti, same clothes, Pokemon, et cetera. No, this Eti was different. Like he had lost all memory until now and was terribly hateful about it. I don't know, I just brushed it off. I waited in line to see the front desk. I wanted to know what this place was before I ventured further up into the depths of the building.
Trainer: 'The Sender [Eti Molo form]'

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Currently: Lurking within PokeGen.

The Sender was not aware of who this strange creature was. Not that he cared. The rather generic-looking boy was just a nuisance, nothing more. Regardless, he had to shake him off somehow. Or at least get the pipsqueak to quieten down.

He shot him an intimidating glare. Was this what Eti Molo would do? The Sender, from his limited encounter with his host, had little knowledge of Eti's personality. The lack of information on Eti's ties to this boy also made it difficult to know how to act. Friend or rival? The Sender assumed that the hug must be a social convention to show affection. Friend. He hoped.

The Sender hushed the boy. "Look mortal. Quieten down."

The Sender hoped the words he picked were accurate in the context he was in. Regardless, he turned away to look at the front desk. The service here was terrible, he concluded.
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