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Caitlyn Walker from District Seven

"Aren't we all different?" Keiru joked in response to Caitlyn‘s words, a smile on his face as he held one of her hands and played with her fingers. "Originally, I had decided it would just be my sister and I in this game... but obviously, that's changed." Before Caitlyn could respond, he embraced her in a loving hug, which she could do nothing but melt into. After a few moments she managed to returned it, the remaining seconds that it lasted feeling so much shorter than they were.

Afterward, Keiru bowed once he had released her and held out a hand.

"Would the lady be willing to partake in an alliance? We should make it official." Caitlyn couldn’t help but laugh at his words, taking the hand offered to her and responding with a smile.

“I would be honored.”

Ichiru Kagami from District Three /Michael Knight from District Two
Front Garden > Roof

“Just a few more hours now…”

Ichiru looked over to Michael from where he stood leaning against the wall of the front of the Capitol building. The younger teen was sitting in the grass beside him, absentmindedly plucking a blade or two every now and then. A few days had already passed since he had been here with Aria and Ashley that night. During the last few days they had left, Michael had finally gotten rid of his wariness of Ichiru, although it was clear that he and Kiseki already shared a close bond.

“Yeah.” He turned his gaze to the starry sky above them. “This time tomorrow night we’ll be in the arena…”

Silence fell over the two of them, neither knowing what to say after Ichiru’s statement. Michael leaned his head against the side of the building and looked at the sky as his doubts finally came crashing down on him. He had been ignoring them ever since he had met Kiseki during training, but now that it was almost time to go into the arena, they were coming out all at once. He had grown close to everyone and trusted all of them, but all of them seemed to be ignoring the most important part of their situation - all of them were from different districts, and only one could win. In the alliance they had formed, the only ones with a decent chance of actually winning were Kiseki and Caroline or Ashley and Jeremy, since each pair was from the same district.

How could they get so attached to each other and fight so hard to protect everyone in their alliance when in the end, they would only have to kill each other?

“Are you okay?” Michael snapped out of his thoughts to look at Ichiru, who had noticed the change in his expression as he became lost in his thoughts. Being the perfect actor he was, Michael instantly gave him a bright smile along with his response.

“I’m fine. Just thinking.” He paused for a moment, trying to ignore the suspicion in Ichiru’s emerald eyes as he looked at him. “Since this is our last night in the Capitol, maybe you should go see if Ashley is on the roof. After all, the next time you see her will be in the arena.”

The look of suspicion didn’t leave Ichiru’s face, but he knew Michael was right regardless. However, he couldn’t help but feel bad about leaving the younger teen by himself - especially since he had come to the realization that he reminded him a lot of Kiseki, and he was obviously bothered by some underlying problem.

Michael seemed to sense this and gave him another smile, this one genuine.

“It’s okay, I’ll probably be heading back to my room soon anyway. Don’t worry about me.”

Ichiru hesitated for a moment, but when it seemed as though Michael wasn’t going to change his mind, he sighed and stepped away from the wall.

“Alright, I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, then.” Michael nodded, the smile never leaving his face as the dark haired teen finally spoke, then turning around to walk back toward the building.

“…Hey.” Michael had just turned his gaze away to the sky again when Ichiru suddenly spoke up again, having stopped just before passing through the doors of the building. He glanced back at the blonde over his shoulder as he spoke one more time. “I don’t care how bad it gets in the arena; I won’t abandon my allies, and will make sure they are safe. All of them.” He turned his head back toward the doors. “Remember that.”

Michael couldn’t help but smile again as the older teen disappeared inside the building, giving a soft sigh as he leaned back against the wall. If only Ichiru’s words were able to completely take away his fears…

After going back into the building, Ichiru took the elevator up to the roof, instantly seeing Ashley standing near the ledge and looking out toward the city. He had expected to find her here, but at the same time it surprised him that she would be alone on her last night here.

“I take it you won’t be sleeping tonight either?” He walked up beside her and looked at the lights of the city below them. “It seems too soon… They should have given us more time at the very least.”

Kiseki Kagami from District Four
District Four floor

"It will be gone by tomorrow morning, which is good so it won't slow me down in training." Caroline responded to Kiseki‘s question as she sat up on the bed to look at him. "I guess I deserve this though, since I accidentally made Jeremy cut open his hand."

It was obvious Kiseki didn’t agree with her statement, but he couldn’t help but laugh along with her afterward. His gaze fell on the window almost simultaneously with Caroline’s, although it wasn’t until the blonde put her hand on his cheek that he tore his gaze away from the lights to look at her just as she gave him a soft kiss.

"Please stay... it will get boring in here if you leave." She gave him a smile after pulling away a few moments later, and Kiseki returned it just before he found himself leaning in again for another kiss.

A few days later the dark haired teen rested on the bed in his own room, his gaze once more on the window. Just like a few nights before, the lights from the city shown brightly against the darkened sky, and the sight was mesmerizing. He wouldn’t have minded staying here and going through training with the other tributes every day if that’s all he had to do. If they could get out of having to go into the arena in the morning, he wouldn’t mind that at all.

As his mind went to the arena he couldn’t stop it from wandering a little. It was reassuring to know that they would be rescued from the Games eventually, but who knew what would happen before then? What if they couldn’t even survive until that time?

He was snapped out of his thoughts when Stefan came into the room carrying Caroline, which brought him to sit up and move over a bit so that the older male could lay her down on the bed.

"Do you need anything else?" He whispered, to which the apparently drowsy blonde shook her head.

"I'm fine." She responded in a whisper of her own. "Thank you Stefan, for everything." The mentor nodded, and after giving Caroline a light kiss on her forehead, he left the room quietly.

Kiseki got under the blanket beside Caroline, giving her a smile as he laid down beside her.

“It seems like it’s only been a few days since we first came here.” He said softly, reaching over to brush his fingers along her cheek, continuing with a chuckle. “Hopefully time will pass this fast in the arena, too. Then we can get out sooner.”

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