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Default Re: What Are Non-Redistributable Pokemon?

There is nothing about the Pokemon that prevents you from trading it. They are just asking that you please not make copies and trade it to everyone else, leaving them with nothing to use in their own trades.

Basically since Pokemon can be cloned, I could breed a really good Pokemon, trade it to you, and you could make a million clones, host a giveaway, and give that Pokemon to every person on the forums for free. Now if I want to trade with someone else, I have nothing to offer them, since they could just get my Pokemon from someone else.

Non-redistributable just means that I am asking you not to do that, and saying that the Pokemon I give you is just for your use. It is sort of like if I made a CD and sold you one but asked you to please not make 100 copies and give them to all of your friends. There is nothing really preventing you from doing that. I am just asking.

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