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The Rest of Chapter Two

"I should really get going. I want to give Ally her cookie now so she doesn't get hyper when it's time for her to go to bed." Rosina giggled as Jesse chuckled, handing her the chocolate chip cookie in a small paper bag. "How much is a bill?"

"Everything is on the house." Jesse responded. "Since you're new and everything it's very important for the restaurant to make a good impression."

"You mean you want to make the good impression." Rosina teased, bringing Jesse to shrug.

"Perhaps." Rosina laughed at Jesse's answer, standing to her feet.

"I'm going to the library at seven tonight to get a library card. Would you maybe want to hang out there? I'm bringing Ally so then maybe you could bring Rebecca so the girls can meet." Rosina said as she placed the bagged cookie in her purse.

"Yeah that sounds good. I'm working until six tonight so that will give me time to get Rebecca, feed her and give her a bath." Jesse responded, a smile on his face. A smile appeared on Rosina's face as well, her own straightened white teeth showing.

"I'll see you tonight then." As Rosina turned and walked out of the restaurant Jesse instantly noticed the footprint tattoo on her right shoulder-blade and Allison's name scripted underneath, bringing a smile on Jesse's face.

Night casted its shadows over Wilmington as Rosina waited in the library's parking lot with Allison in her arms, waiting for Jesse to arrive as she leaned up against her car. Caleb had instantly went to Rosina's house as soon as it was dark enough for him to step outside without him turning to ashes in the sunlight, the Vampire secretly following Rosina to the library without being noticed. The blonde haired male now perched on the branch at the top of a thick tree like a crow, eying up Rosina and was curious of what she was waiting for. An eerie feeling crept over Rosina as she looked around, but couldn't see anything in the darkness. A car then pulled into the large parking lot and parked next to Rosina's car, Jesse stepping out a few moments later with a smile.

"Hey." Rosina said, Caleb's jaw clenching from up in the tree when seeing Rosina was waiting for a guy.

"Is this really your car?" Jesse asked in shock as he opened the back door to his own car and unbuckled Rebecca out of her black car-seat.

"Yeah. She's my second baby." Rosina laughed, Jesse holding his daughter in his arms as he admired the car just a few feet from his.

"This is a '67 Chevy Impala, and in perfect condition! How did you get this?"

"Well it's the car from my favorite show, so I saved up my money and tracked down this model." Rosina responded.

"Supernatural?" Jesse smirked, Rosina raising an eyebrow.

"You watch that show too?"

"Yes! Sam and Dean are awesome." Rosina laughed from Jesse's words, looking down towards her own daughter.

"Well this is Allison. Allison, this is Jesse and his daughter Rebecca."

"Hello." Allison said with a wave.

"Bek, this is Rosina and her daughter." Jesse introduced, the other toddler giving a nod but didn't speak. "She's a bit shy."

"That's okay." Rosina said with a smile, the pair walking into the library. A glare was on Caleb's face as he jumped down from the tree and followed Rosina inside the library, the Vampire grabbing a book and pretended to read at an emptied table.

As soon as Rosina walked into the library her eyes widened in awe, this library having to be the biggest one she's ever been in. It seemed to go on forever as rows and rows of endless books were seen, the walls having built-in shelves as well which held even more books. The maroon colored carpet matched the dark cherry wood furniture and bookshelves perfectly, the high ceiling being made of extremely strong glass which was used to build skylights.

"This place is amazing... and so big." Rosina said as her and Jesse walked up to the front desk.

"I know. I few years ago there was actually a fire which destroyed the entire library. The whole state of Delaware pitched in though and rebuilt it." Jesse explained, a middle aged woman who worked at the library walking over to Rosina from behind the desk, her white hair and glasses making her look as though she were Mrs. Claus.

"Can I help you?" You woman asked kindly.

"I just moved here to Wilmington yesterday and was hoping to get a library card." Rosina explained with a kind voice of her own.

"Do you have a Delaware state identification or even a billing address to just prove that you live here for our computer system?" The woman asked, bringing Rosina to nod as she reached into her pocket and pulled out her new Delaware driver's license which she had gotten that same day.

"Will this be enough information?" Rosina asked as she handed the librarian her license.

"This is perfect." The woman responded, pulling out a manila folder and handing Rosina a application from it, handing her a pen as well. "I just need you to fill this out while I put your information into the computer." Rosina nodded and repositioned Allison in her arm while she used the other to write, Allison watching over her mother's shoulder with curiosity.

"I'm gonna take Rebecca to the kid's section just right over there." Jesse said as he pointed to the area across the room, Rosina following his finger and nodded a moment later. He walked away with his daughter as Rosina focused on the application again, continuing to fill out the questions. Caleb peeked up from the book he was holding and stole a glance of Rosina a few feet away, the Vampire smelling the sweet honey scent from her body lotion. Her natural scent mixed with the lotion as well, Rosina's scent being completely intoxicating with pure desire.

Caleb felt his fangs begin to pierce through his mouth as the sapphire iris in his eyes began to actually glow brightly a piercing blue, the Vampire quickly closing his eyes and willing everything back to normal. After a few steady breaths Caleb slowly opened his eyes, his fangs flattening as his eyes returned to their normal color, the Vampire quietly sighing in relief as he glanced back over to Rosina.

"Here you go." Rosina said after a few moments when she filled out the application, it only taking her about a minute to fill out as the librarian took it, along with the pen which Rosina had placed down on the counter.

"Thank you." The older woman said as she typed in more information into the computer, handing Rosina her driver's license a few moments later along with a thin permanent black marker. "Your library card will be ready in a few moments, and then all you have to do it sign your name on it. Once you do that I can scan it into the computer and then it's done. This first library card is free but if you should happen to lose it then you will have to pay five dollars for a new one."

"Okay." Rosina said with a nod, though the kind smile never left her face. Once she signed the library card and had the librarian scan it she placed it into her pocket and thanked the librarian, then walked over to Jesse and joined him and his daughter at the children's section while Caleb watched her every move.

"All set?" Jesse asked as he sat down on the floor with Rebecca sitting next to him, the two playing with alphabet blocks as Rosina nodded and joined them on the floor.

"Yeah. I can check out stuff now but I'll look a different time." Rosina responded, Allison sitting next to Rebecca. The two toddlers began to play with the blocks together and both letting out laughs when they stacked up the blocks and watched them fall, bringing Jesse and Rosina to laugh as well.

"At least they're getting along." Jesse commented.

"Yeah." Rosina chuckled in agreement. Her gaze shifted to around the large room where she saw a few people doing their own thing, either using the computers, sitting at tables reading and writing down things, or reading on beanbag chairs which were all different colors. Caleb's eyes quickly went back to his book as Rosina's eyes traveled to him, but just like with everyone else, she didn't hold her glance as she looked back over to Jesse.

"So, since you watch Supernatural and have the awesome car from the series, are you a believer in anything?" Jesse asked as he put on a playful smile, Caleb listening very closely while pretending to read.

"A believer? Like if I believe in Werewolves, Witches, Vampires and all that stuff?" Rosina asked, bringing Jesse to nod. "Well... I believe in Ghosts."

"Me too. Anything else?" Jesse asked.

"Aren't Wiccans considered Witches and Warlocks?"

"Yes and no." Jesse shrugged. "Wicca is just a religion that can practice certain kinds of Witchcraft, though actual Witches and Warlocks use a different kind of Witchcraft which isn't part of any religion. Witches and Warlocks are able to practice magic that you couldn't believe, while Wiccans pray to different kinds of Gods and Goddesses and do some other stuff. There's actually a huge difference between the two."

"So do you actually believe in real Witches and Warlocks?" Rosina asked in confusion.

"I think that anything is possible in the world." Jesse responded, his playful smile never leaving his face. "Let me ask you this then; do you believe in Vampires and Werewolves?"

"Well I am a writer, mainly horror stories and such, and I believe that everything had to come from somewhere."

"So do you think it's possible that a Werewolf could be sitting right in front of you?" Jesse asked, locking eyes with Rosina.

"I... I don't know." Rosina stubbornly looked away, watching as her daughter built a small building made from the wooden blocks and Rebecca knocking it down, the two toddlers laughing as Rosina chuckled. Both Jesse and even Caleb studied her, to which Rosina looked up at Jesse a few moments later.

"I take it you don't believe in that kind of thing." Jesse said.

"I'll believe it when I see it." Jesse chuckled from Rosina's answer, bringing her to smile. About forty-five minutes had gone by as Jesse and Rosina played with their daughters until an announcement from the library said that it was going to be closing in fifteen minutes, the library closing every night at eight o'clock and was closed on Sundays.

"Time to leave soon." Jesse said as he placed back the blocks neatly on the maroon colored carpet. Allison shifted a yawn and went into her mother's arms, Caleb continuing to just sit at the table.

"And someone is tired." Rosina chuckled as she looked down at her daughter. "Hopefully you'll sleep tonight."

"Did she not sleep last night?" Jesse asked as Rebecca went into his own arms.

"Ally woke up twice crying, though normally she sleeps through the whole night. She said she had a few nightmares, which I think it's because we moved to a new house. My parents said it will take a few days for her to adjust." Rosina explained as Jesse nodded in understanding. The two picked up their daughters and walked out of the library, Caleb following though he quickly but silently went back up the tree once outside to watch over the scene. Rosina and Jesse strapped their own child securely into their car-seats and closed the car doors, the two parents looking at each other.

"I had a really good time with you today. Umm... if Allison wakes you up in the middle of the night and you can't fall back to sleep, feel free to call. We can talk for however long you want, and don't hesitate even if I'm sleeping." Jesse said as he pulled out his phone.

"Now who said I was giving you my number?" Rosina teased, Jesse chuckling as he watched her pull out her own phone. Caleb's eyes glowed again from both anger and frustration, wanting to get to Rosina first before Jesse made a move on her. The Vampire had already claimed Rosina as his own, even if she didn't know it yet, and Caleb was going to make sure he got his prize.

"I was hoping." Jesse laughed, running his hand through his light brown hair. Rosina read him off her number as he typed it into his phone along with her name, then sending Rosina a blank text message so she could easily program him in as well.

"Do you have work tomorrow?" Rosina asked after programming Jesse into her phone.

"Yeah, the morning shift." Jesse responded with a nod.

"Good, Allison and I will come in for breakfast."

"Well I look forward to seeing the two of you." Rosina smiled from Jesse's response, the two parents saying their goodbyes to each other and went their own separate ways for the night. Caleb followed Rosina back to her house where he sat waiting on her darkened roof, the Vampire somehow needing to come up with a plan to talk to her.
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