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Originally Posted by Steak View Post

Trainer: Steak
Currently: Re-entering Route 2

you refuse to waste any more time on FRIVOLOUS LOLLYGAGGING. the only direction to move is forward.

Entered Route 2 from Route 1.

Official's Post

As you walk through the beautiful forest you remember how much fun you had on Route 2 before. You stop as you see a small strange of silk hanging in the air. You walk up to in using your finger to break it. You start to walk again but stop when you hear something move behind you. You quickly look back and you see the wires has been repaired. You walk up to it using your finger to press on it. Confused you look around and then break it again. This time you take a few steps and jump around to surprise whatever fixed it. A string shot hits you in the face as the little Spinarak fixes its web again.

A wild Spinarak appears, catch it or fight it ?

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