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As you walk through the beautiful forest you remember how much fun you had on Route 2 before. You stop as you see a small strange of silk hanging in the air. You walk up to in using your finger to break it. You start to walk again but stop when you hear something move behind you. You quickly look back and you see the wires has been repaired. You walk up to it using your finger to press on it. Confused you look around and then break it again. This time you take a few steps and jump around to surprise whatever fixed it. A string shot hits you in the face as the little Spinarak fixes its web again.

A wild Spinarak appears, catch it or fight it ?

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as you wipe the gunk off your face and begin to scrub your shades clean, you begin to wonder. why did you do those things? you don't recall making a conscious decision to mess with lil spider-man's crib. perhaps there is some sort of greater power at play here...

it seems you have been given the option to either catch this guy or fight him.
you don't know exactly how you came to this conclusion, it just seems to be the case. you are aware this scenario doesn't really make sense.

whatever, you could use some battling experience anyway. you send out Brobat.

> Brobat: Use Wing Attack!

Brobat spreads its wings and rams into the bewildered bug. this match-up is pretty self-explanatory, with Zubat having a type advantage over Spinarak.
regardless, Spinarak spits out a hefty String Shot, binding Brobat's wings to his body, and follows up with Psychic.
Brobat falls to the ground, writhing around while the aftershock of the attack settles in. well played, Spinarak.
you debate returning Brobat. certainly he's in a sticky situation, but...

> Brobat: Try Supersonic!

he shakes off the dizziness from Psychic, turns towards Spinarak, and fires away. the Spinarak begins fidgeting violently. atta boy, Brobat.

> Brobat: Just...kind of...roll over there and use Bite.

wrapped snugly in Spinarak's silk, Brobat pushes its weight forward and rolls over to Spinarak before viciously biting it. his teeth begin glowing faintly as he leeches life from the insect Pokemon.

the Spinarak screeches and scurries off drunkenly. looks like that's over with.

you help pull off the webbing from Brobat and glance over at the time on your heads-up display from your shades. has it really been two whole days since you came to this route? time passes so quickly. you make your way into Navi Town once more.

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