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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Jacen nodded as he read the list. "Hmm, what should I buy....?"

He smiled and shrugged. Suddenly, Sandra bursts out of her ball and then pointed at something on the sign. Jacen looked to see that she was pointing to Silk Scarf.

"Sand, sandslash sand," she gazed up at Jacen.

"You-want a silk scarf?" Jacen asked. The Sandslash nodded, smiling. Jacen shrugged. "Well, I guess. Come on." Jacen walked to the elevator with Sandra following behind him.

He came down a few moments later. Sandra had a scarf tied around her neck and had a grin on her face. Jacen smiled. Then to his surpise, Sandra walked up to Charlie's Pokemon for the first time.

"Umm, hi, we never spoke before. I am Jacen's Pokemon, Sandra," the Sandslash spoke in Pokemon. Jacen grabbed a coffee cup and sat down to watch the Pokemon endulge in conversation.

Blue Team
total points earned: 118
points spent:94
current points: 24

Pokemon In Party:
-Hydra, the Wartortle(Male) (level 16)
-Aerian, Fearow (Male)(level 6)
-Sandra, the Sandslash (Female)(level 27) (silk scarf)
-Machop, the Machop level 11
-Butterfree, level 10
-Geodude, level 8

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