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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

Dredd Pauses for a breath moment. A surge of power soon shocks Markus body until the point of it twitching.

"I am disappointed in you old friend. I had hoped that you would have learned to grasp the world for what it is..Instead I have fought the angriest version of you. The weakest version of you. I was sad to see you die years full of hate, so narrow minded..watching you choke on your hate was not what I wanted. But, I digress, I feel no more for your passing now, than I do for whats going to happen very soon. When I look at you, I see a scared boy Markus who does not belong. Dead parents, dead pokemon and you can not even beat your weak aunt."

Markus stops shaking and drops onto the ground in the mist.

"As far as what I know, I am power and a curse. Do you know the major different between your world and mine...Mewtwo. There is no creature called Mewtwo in my world, there never was. Geovanni research went into the experiment that created me..."

A cold chill is sent through Markus when he realizes what that means.

"Thats right boy.. Mewtwo was created from Mew in your time...Mew also played a part in the experiment that created me. Toying with a human soul is different than creating a pokemon from scratch....but that doesnt matter. There nothing stronger than I. No Dimensional being, time traveler even they creators of space and time are within grasp...Very soon I will take from your time what I have lost in mine and here comes the real reason you are here.
an ultimatum.

Either you can seal the tomb. Which would seal Giratina in its own world and would block me from traveling back and forth

Or, you can enter the tomb which will take you to another time. There a girl named Meg in possession of certain stone. That stone needs to be returned if you have any hope of Giratina being locked away.

Oh and one more thing, sealing the tomb now would mean the end your friends as it will seal every doorway open.

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