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Originally Posted by Judge Dredd View Post
Trainer: JC
Currently: Route 4 searching for pokemon!
In party:


In Box

JC scratches his head.
"So a fork in the road."

Ashley looks up at him.

"I think I have an Idea Ash."

"Char??" she looks up at him confused.

JC pulls out a Hop's pokeball, tossing it out. Hop floats around happily.
"Well I guess we are going to go where the wind takes us."

"Hop Hop!"
A nice breeze sweeps through carrying Hopip to the right.
Official's Post:

You follow your Cottonweed Pokemon through the right path. After a short while, you come across a bush. This bush seemed to be unlike any other you had previously come across on this route - its leave where of a dull turquoise colour. Your Chimchar began to behave strangely towards this bush - almost like it wanted to strike it.
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