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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Eltry the zubat hovered nearby.
Eltry: "Well, I can't really see it, but it probably looks nice.
Dusty: "It looks great!"
Sear: "It looks pretty cute! Oh and I am Sear!"
Dusty: "Oh my... Where are my manners... I'm Dusty."
Eltry: "I'm Eltry."
Hyperio: "I've been named Hyperio... The scarf is useless by the way."
Pince: "I am Pince... and from what I have gathered, Hyperio is a real... Well, the scarf looks great.
Viceroy: "Viceroy here! The scarf is fabulous, and yes, there are words describing our... friend."
Togue: "I am Togue. The scarf is okay, but I don't think it will benefit your type."

Charlie gets a few accessories: (useless aesthetic stuff [fun mental pictures])
Eltry: Green Bow Tie (no effect)
Dusty: Cowboy Hat! (stylish-ish no effect)
Hyperio: Blue Bow Tie (no effect)
Viceroy: Black Bow Tie (no effect)
Pince: Purple Kerchief (worn around the neck no effect)
Togue: Black Tuxedo (Mankey in a Tux still no effect)
Sear: Yellow Kerchief (worn around the neck no effect)

Togue: "What? Why? What the heck man?"
Sear: 'I... actually it looks nice on you."
She manages not to laugh while saying it.
Dusty: "Well this beats that other gettup."
Pince: "You mean the..."
Dusty: "Don't even say it!"
Eltry: "What'd she do?"
Hyperio: "Ugh... What is this?"
Viceroy: "Seriously guys..."
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