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Default Re: [RP] The Secrets of Fells Church: Ghost World

"Don't let Klaus find out we don't think he's much a threat anymore." Caroline responded to Aiden with a small laugh, resting her head against Kiseki's chest. "He'll end up wanting to prove us wrong."

"I know." Stefan sighed as he wrapped his arms around Lexi.

"Nine months feels like such a long time." Damon, who had done the same with Diana, brushed a finger along her stomach as he spoke.

"I wish the baby was here now." Diana replied with a laugh. Kiseki sensed the sadness that came over Caroline shortly after and looked down at her in concern despite his own.

"Are you okay?" Ashley beat him to the question as she looked at the blonde while the toddlers got off of the couch to play with the puppy.

"It's nothing." Caroline answered quickly as she looked over to Ashley, but the brunette simply shook her head.

"I can tell when you're lying, even when we were humans. What's wrong?"

"Well... Kiseki and I want to adopt a baby but our lives are too dangerous." Caroline blurted out, and Aiden and Ichiru looked at her in shock. Ichiru’s gaze fell on Kiseki, who was now looking at the ground. Now he knew where the younger twin’s sudden sorrow had come from.

"You want to adopt a baby?" Kol asked, to which Caroline nodded.

"Vampires aren't able to have children, and the only exception for Ashley is that she's a Doppelganger and a Vampire/Angel Hybrid... she's truly one of a kind, which is why she's the only one able to have children with other Supernatural beings. Kiseki and I aren't able to have children of our own, so we thought adopting a baby would be the best thing to do. But with Katherine..." She trailed off, looking out the window, and Kiseki‘s hold on her tightened slightly.

"We're going to kill Katherine, so it will honestly be safe for you and Kiseki to adopt a baby." Ashley said, bringing Caroline to look back at her as Kiseki finally looked up himself.

"What if a new threat decides to make itself known? What if James decides to come back to town like Katherine did?" Caroline asked. Ashley stood up and walked over to the other couch, sitting down next to Caroline and taking her hand, giving it a light squeeze.

"Listen to me, you were the one who just said for me and Ichiru to stay in town so we can protect each other, well the same thing applies to you. We're all here for each other, and if you and Kiseki want to adopt a baby, then we're all going to be here for you. If a threat does come, then we'll fight it off, because that's what we always do. We'll win, and everything will be fine." She said with a smile. Caroline leaned over and wrapped her arms around Ashley, bringing the brunette to do the same.

"Thank you." Caroline said.

"Well if you guys are planning on having a baby then we need to go baby shopping!" Lexi said with excitement, and Kiseki couldn’t help but laugh along with Caroline as the blonde released Ashley. "Are you guys going to adopt a boy or a girl?"

"We haven't talked about the gender or anything yet." Caroline responded with a laugh.

"Hurry up and decide! Let's go to the store right now!" Lexi responded with a smile.

"I think I might know where this is going." Stefan said with a chuckle, bringing Lexi to look over to him. "You're going to fall in love with the baby stuff and then want to adopt a baby as well. I can see it perfectly already."

"That's not true..." Lexi said. Stefan just gave her a look, bringing her to sigh. "Okay maybe..."

"I swear, within six months everyone in this house is going to be adopting a baby." Damon said with a chuckle, looking over to Kotomi. "Even you." Kotomi quickly looked over to Aiden for a moment and then looked down, a blush instantly burning her cheeks as everyone laughed. Aiden averted his gaze to the window as a slight blush came onto his cheeks as well.

“I don’t know.” Ichiru looked at the older Vampire with a teasing smirk, his mood finally lifted thanks to the atmosphere around the group now. “Aiden doesn’t really seem like father material.”


Ichiru and Kiseki couldn’t help but laugh at the ginger as he responded to Ichiru’s joke, although all three of them had to admit it was nice to have this sort of atmosphere around again, especially after everything that had happened.

A few days later the trio watched Bill leave the house after Caroline and Damon had gone down to the basement with him for a few moments, and surprisingly, a lot of tension went with him. Somehow it was a relief to see him leaving peacefully, although they knew this was only because of the compulsion Damon had used on him.

"So do you think that's really the last we'll see of him?" Kiseki asked quietly after the older man had left. It was clear that he was still worried that he might capture Caroline and torture her again.

"It should be." Ichiru responded as he watched Bill's figure disappear on the other side of the window. "The compulsion won't be broken unless he becomes a Vampire in his case, which... I highly doubt will happen."

"Yeah... you're probably right." Kiseki's worries didn't seem to lift much, but a slight change in his concern was apparent. Ichiru watched him for a few moments before deciding to change the subject to something lighter.

"Have you and Caroline decided whether you want a boy or a girl yet? It's been a few days." Kiseki's mood seemed to brighten just from the mention of the subject, which had been Ichiru's intention - aside from genuine curiosity.

"We're still not completely sure yet... I kind of want a girl, though." He finally responded after a few moments. Ichiru chuckled softly.

"I figured you would say that."
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