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The Vileplume's eyes appear to light up as the contents of the small bag come tumbling out onto the ground. "Plume!" The Vileplume picks up the 'to-do list' from off of the floor and begins pointing furiously at it. It's a little difficult to tell due to its lack of fingers, but you believe it's trying to point at the 'evolve Glomm' objective. The Vileplume, apparently named Glomm, shook its head in disgust as it pointed to the writing.

"Plume plume!" it cried. Soft tears glistened in the corners of its eyes. They splatter onto the paper, smudging the writing. It drops the paper to the floor and sit down on the ground in despair. "Vile..."

"What's wrong with it?" the young trainer asks, walking over to it. Suddenly, Glomm rises from the floor and angrily thrusts its flower into the boy's face. He stumbles into the large Grass-Type's flower, becoming stuck inside its hollow interior. You hear muffled screams from inside Glomm. In a fit of fear and anxiety, the Vileplume enters a frenzied rage, running from tree to tree in an attempt to shake the boy out of it.

You need to help out in the situation, clearly. But with your Pokemon asleep, what can you or Glomm's trainer possibly do?
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Small Steps

Far from being attracted to the stone, like he predicted, the Vileplume saw the list and read it, pointing at the 'Evolve Glomm' objective. Well, now he knew it was Glomm, at least, and was related to all of this. How Glomm's trainer had Two Evolution Stones for that purpose was another question for another time.

"Plume Plume! Glomm went, Apparently, Glomm wasn't happy about his/her trainer's decision to evolve it. Glomm wasn't even remotely happy about it, not even a tiny bit. Indeed, he was crying, seemingly sick at the fact that he was due for Evolution by his trainer. "Vile..." It slumped to the floor, in the grips of a bout of depression.

Logan most likely predicted this was a Pokémon that didn't want Evolution, at least not when it happened. His second guess was that it wanted to be a Bellossom, but that was rather unlikely.

Glomm's trainer approached his Pokémon. "What's wrong with it?" he asked. It was quite understandable for him to not know EXACTLY, what with the list being blocked from his sight, but nevertheless, rather reckless, even if subtly so. Logan would have answered, but Glomm then decided to do a bit more abuse of his/her trainer. Suddenly, it got up, deciding to ram into his/her master, Flower-first. The result left the trainer, head-first, in the empty center of the flower, and technically inside Glomm's head. He could hear half-silenced screams coming from within, implying extreme discomfort at a minimum. From what Logan could make out, this was equally torture to Glomm, and probably worse than that. It went into outrage mode, completely unsure of what to do, its life most likely collapsing around it, running from tree to tree in both a wild attempt at letting loose all of its rage and a wild attempt to get the boy out of his/her flower.

Logan didn't really know if there WAS a possible solution. Devolution Spray, the only thing he knew of that could revert an Evolution, was EXTREMELY regulated by the Government and extremely valuable when it was sold, at least in Unova. Unc said the reason was because of certain terrorist groups had used the spray to weaken Pokémon severely and subsequently stole/defeated them with relative ease, and did such quite liberally before the Spray was regulated. And Logan didn't know the Pokémon Language, which would have made communication between the Trainer and Glomm, for now, a little better. To add to it, assuming that the Trainer had the spray (Logan certianly didn't have anything like it) and could use it (or some other method of Devolution that Logan didn't know about), could he hear Logan? And would he do it?

Logan had to go about this slowly. Either figure out the benefits of its evolution QUICKLY and explain it so that Glomm didn't feel like it was the end of his/her world, or find a spray that was most likely so ridiculously hard to find (at least in Unova) that Glomm would have killed his/her trainer and WORSE before he could most likely find it. Or hope that Glomm's trainer could hear him. He decided to relieve both Trainer and Pokemon of their combined physical misery first and foremost, hopefully helping.

Logan had to help. Glomm had no pattern-what with being a frenzy-and most likely could break Logan's legs should he get close, but ultimately he'd go in and save the Trainer if he had to, but he had to try every other possible solution (that didn't involve his Pokemon, for the obvious reasons of their unconsiousness) first. He'd take small steps. Fast ones, but small steps. First and foremost, get Glomm's trainer out of Glomm. Logan knew that Vileplume would be worse if he/she accidentally killed his/her trainer (what was its Gender?!), and both parties would feel better as a whole getting the Trainer out of Glomm's head (literally).

"Glomm, Cool it, please!! I'll get him out of you, I'll get him out of you, please just stay still, OK?!" Logan yelled, calmly and caringly, yet loudly enough so that Glomm HAD to have heard him (along with basically anything else in the route). Logan really had no other options he could think of right now, other than reaching in and attempting to extract Glomm's trainer (and he'd reserve that for if what he said didn't work). If Glomm (and his/her Trainer) were cooperative, he could probably help further. However, he'd get the boy out of Glomm's head first. Small steps. Of course, If he had to, he'd yank the trainer out of Glomm immediately, and, at the thought of it, he was suddenly thankful he was big.

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