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Default Re: Does Team Plasma final plan make sense?

In terms of Ghestis' actual plan, I'd have to say it was quite thorough and cunning; raise a hero to help him take over the world... remove his biggest obstacles (Trainers) by bringing up moral questions about Pokemon... Best of all, he carried out his plans under a peaceful, nonviolent front (for the most part). He tried to make himself look like the good guy, rather than the bad guy, and he pulled it off rather well. For a time. I think that Ghestis wins the prize of being the baddest of the bad in terms of Pokemon villains.

Team Plasma's (or rather, N's) goal of "liberating" Pokemon, however, is full of faults. Though N was honest in his goals, his logic and reasoning is a little childish--but that's entirely due to his unfortunate upbringing... When it comes to the grunts and whatnot, it seems clear that Team Plasma's goals were more of a fad or craze; people were joining the bandwagon rather than thinking clearly through the faulty logic.

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