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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

*Before he starts talking about Mewtwo and the differences and whatnot, attempting to get up*...Set up for failure, I was, that was my LIFE! I failed the first two trainer examinations, barely passed the third! Dead parents, abusive aunt, and a Psychopath as the team leader of my trainer team! A superpowerful criminal organization, gods, YOU, you're my opposition, and I've basically in a zero-hope situation! Do you not think I've thought of that! Boy, you have NO idea what no hope is! YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT IT MEANS TO BE WORTHLESS!

But here I am, aren't I? This goes beyond sheer luck and incompetence, even YOU have to admit it. *Getting up for real, feeling something internally empowering him* I'd admit it if I was in your shoes! I don't get good grades, I'm not too smart, and I don't have too many social skills! The Psychic Powers aren't exactly liked! Everyone else on Red Team could have outstripped me, but I'm top of the food chain now...Not counting you, of course.

*After hearing the whole Mewtwo and the Ultimatum bit*

To trust a Psychopath like yourself, that you're not lying and both options means you win? Hardly logical...You don't even know why you're doing this. Power and a curse. You could do much better. Think about it! What COULD you do?

...On the matter of the choice, you understand it's hard, right? It's not something easy, especially with the Psychopathy bit. I don't really have a choice in choosing which one to do, though, do I?

...You. Max. I don't need you looking me down as I'm thinking of the decision that may-or-may not decide the course of existance, and you clearly don't need eyesight to check on me. Give me some alone time, this isn't some petty decision I've got to make, and you know it. I want to think about this...*Tries leaving, or at least conveys physically he'd like to physically be left alone to make the decision, as much as possible*...
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