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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version

(Ignore the sounds Markus only believes he's hearing, as I have requested previously, as they are of no consequence to you whatsoever. Despite the fact that they would seem that way.)

*Sees Dredd walk up the stairs, feels him leave...*

...<*Thinking to himself, hopefully*...OK, so, I have two choices, at least according to Dredd. I either seal this place, and all the portals, preventing Dredd and Giratina from leaving in the long term. Gold, on the outside, will hopefully be able to fix the problem and make the seals more permenant. The downsides are that if he isn't, well, we're screwed...And of course, Max and company is in there. I...Spin...And Moon and Max. Of course, assuming Dredd was lying about that bit, the former option could just be bypassed with a bit of force on Dredd's part, then...>

<The alternative is to let Dredd loose, go into the crypt, and travel to his time. Find the Leader of Blue Team-Mehgan-and use that stone to Seal Giratina for good. Only issue is, Dredd's still let loose...And of course, there's the chance he just said that for no real reason. Giratina, it's a force that can manipulate souls, so it might have had a hand in Dredd's creation...Unawares to all but itself. So if Dredd's lying, there's a chance he's let loose. Either way, I have to ditch Red Team, and Gold. Presumably, that won't be permenant, Celebi or Entry could take care of that...And my Friends will be able to escape, but...>

<...And assuming he's not just lying, or won't force me into a certain action regardless of my choice. Or worse.>

<...What do I do?>



<Think of something, D**mit!>

*Still hears the subtle sound of pencil on paper, writing away. Now annoyed by it*

<Alright, whatever's making that sound, stop it if you can hear me think, I'm annoyed.>

*The sound does not stop permenantly, to be accurate, but briefly, then resumes at a much quieter pace, believe it or not. Markus assumes it had stopped permenantly, and continues, unaware that the sound stopping to his thoughts is a completely odd and unusual circumstance*

<...Think, d**mit, think!...>

<...OK, I'd choose the first option, if it wasn't delivered by a Psychopath. It is delivered by a Psychopath, but perhaps Dredd wanted it that way...*Decides*...OK, option B it is.>

*Walks up to where Dredd is* I've made up my mind. Option B it is. I'll enter the Crypt and unleash you, you lucky ba****d. I'd pity your position, because I have a good feeling you just can't leave on your own, and you needed me willing to take an action to do anything, henceforth the ultimatum. Now, what is it?
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