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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Sorry for the double post, but I wasn't able to post this important message with my post since it was too long

On the very first page of the RP there is a section that says Tribute Life Status: towards the bottom of the very first post. That will be constantly updated so we know who is alive and who isn't. Also, for the RPers who signed up for the RP and haven't posted or dropped out, their characters will be fair game now. The only three people doing this RP are DarkAmethyst, Kaioo and myself, so all of the other characters can now be killed. Remember though that we shouldn't kill off all of the Tributes at once so this way we can stay in the arena longer, which was why I only killed off one Tribute so far. After when the two of you had posted I'll kill off maybe two or three more Tributes who had died in the bloodbath, as well as the Tributes you guys kill off if you choose to. If you do choose to kill off a Tribute during the bloodbath then I would say the very limit for each of you would be two Tributes each, so this way we have Tributes to face during the expanded time in the arena :)
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