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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Keiru Kozaka,District One
Amelia Kozaka,District One
Brandon Lockhart,District Ten
Christian Wright,District Nine
Preparing for the Arena-> In the Arena

Keiru was stood waiting anxiously to arrive in the arena, having already been prepped, and he tugged nervously at the clothes he was wearing. A determined and murderous look was set on his features. He was going to make his way over to Caitlyn and protect her, nobody would get in his way, he would make certain of that. Amelia was going to follow through with their plan and go straight for the Cornucopia.

Finally, the pod ascended, and he found himself standing in a frozen tundra, and he immediately scanned his surroundings, noting that Amelia was about two tributes away on his right, whilst Caitlyn was on the other side, opposite him, and he cursed mentally, before his gaze landed on Christian and Brandon's partners, who were coincidentally next to one another, and very close to Caitlyn, one tribute between them and her, and this made Keiru anxious.

His searching gaze landed on Jeremy, who appeared to be communicating non-verbally with his sister, and he quirked an eyebrow, before spotting Brandon, who was eyeing up his sister with a determined look on his features. He frowned. It was then that he spotted Christian, who was on his left flank, and Christian locked gazes with him and smirked. Finally, they were released, and Keiru surged forward, Christian moving to intercept him, but a quick punch to the gut allowed Keiru to charge away from Christian as the female tributes from Nine and Ten rushed towards Caitlyn.

Keiru slid across the ground on his knees as he avoided the outstretched arm of an unknown tribute, before leaping to his feet and slamming his full weight into the female tribute from Nine, sending her off balance and to the floor as he grabbed the one from Ten's neck and twisted violently, a loud crack sounding in the air before her limp body fell to the floor, before making his way to Caitlyn.

"Come on!" He shouted, and went to grab her arm to help get her away from the Cornucopia when something grabbed onto him and pulled him backwards, and he struggled back, fighting against the figure. In his peripheral vision, he spotted Amelia waving anxiously to him, Brandon striding towards her with a purpose, before she threw something towards Keiru, and he threw the figure off of him before leaping for the sword, grabbing it in mid-air and spinning round to face the girl from Nine, a smirk on his face. "You should have stayed down."

With that he ran forward, ducking underneath the roundhouse kick, before shoving the sword into the girl's stomach, and tearing it upwards, her now disfigured body crumpling to the floor, blood glistening from the sword as he ran towards Caitlyn, and grabbed her hand and ran away from the Cornucopia, casting a worried glance back at the Cornucopia where Amelia was now engaged in combat with Brandon. He didn't know how long he'd been running before he stopped and leaned back against a tree, breathing heavily. He looked at Caitlyn, concern evident in his features. "You alright?"

"Where's your brother to back you up Kozaka? He abandon you for his girl?" Brandon sneered as he swung his blade at Amelia, who blocked it with her own, though she was clearly struggling to fight back since she had two packs weighing her down.

Their swords clashed together, the metallic clang ringing in the air, before Amelia punched him in the gut, and swung again using his loss of breath to her advantage, and he swung in retaliation, their swords clanging against one another, before he ducked under the clash and headbutted Amelia, sending her stumbling back, before he slashed at her, cutting her left arm, though she didn't even let out a yelp of pain, rather she relentlessly launched a barrage of swings at Brandon who just barely managed to deflect them, before their blades met in a deadlock.

The two battled in a deadlock for several moments, before Brandon overpowered her, knocking the sword out of her hands and slashing at her chest, cutting her midsection just above the stomach, and was about to deal a killing blow when somebody knocked him over, and Amelia scrambled away from the Cornucopia, her vision becoming blurry as blood seeped from her wound. After a while, she staggered, and fell onto her knees as the packs fell onto the ground either side of her and both her hands clutched at the wound, trying to stop the flow of blood which had now soaked the snow she was on. Black spots were spiraling in her vision before she collapsed face first into the now red snow.

When Brandon got back to his feet, he looked around for the sword, but couldn't find it, and cursed, and span around when he felt somebody behind him, seeing Christian there smirking, holding up a metal pole and a pack for Brandon, who took them off of Christian, shouldering the pack before wielding the pole, and slamming it into the nearest tribute, sending them sprawling to the floor in pain, before the duo ran away from the Cornucopia into the trees.

Brandon looked over at Christian. "Did they get Caitlyn? I didn't see."

Christian shook his head. "They're both dead. I couldn't prevent Keiru from getting there, so he cut them off before they could get near her. Your partner died relatively painlessly, simple snapped neck, mine however... was carved from the stomach up."

Brandon winced. "That's certainly a damper on spirits."

"Our plan most definitely didn't go accordingly either."
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