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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Red Version


You want to know something that just crossed my mind? You know, anyone, in theory, could have been Dredd. Luck just forced you into the role, Max. So I could have been Dredd, Gold could have been Dredd, this Mehgan Gal could have been Dredd, Spin could have been Dredd, anyone journeying right now could have been Dredd. Anyone could have taken your place...Even me. Heck, I myself wolud probably have outpowered you as Dredd, you know: I was already a Psychic, so technically, if they didn't know, they'd probably have created something stronger than you are now, as the Psychic power would build up of it's own accord. You were artificial in nature, it was forced upon you. Which is rather sad, too.

...Something to think on. I wonder too, sometimes...Not nearly as pleasing for the person that isn't Dredd to think about, though. It's a forced-upon mantle, and one could only hope, despareately and probably falsely, that they'd cling on to their real memories and take advantage of their newfound powers to destroy their captives while the process goes on...Probably a false hope, but you didn't have such luck at all, regardless of it's existance...I could only see a mindless beast when I saw your rampage through Cerulean, even down to your death: patternless and random, taking lives left and right, I'm not sure how many survived...I feel sorry for you. You're still a Psychopath, but you always were...But I felt sorry for you, then...

Whatever. I just go through, find a rock, and use it to Seal Giratina, and you score freedom until then, literally only because I knew you'd want me to pick Option A to seal us in here and break out, trapping me and half of your resistance...Truly, I don't trust you even now. But here we are, and do I have a choice anyways?

...Max. Don't make me do things to you. Because in the end, someday, I KNOW I will see you looking upon some other man, stronger than yourself now, just wanting to kill you, you only relying on begging and promises to save your skin and nothing more...Easily as ignored in favor of vengance, of justice, or whatever's on his mind...Think about it. You could do so much BETTER than what you concieve you only can, what you concieve you want...And you might find it more enjoyable in the end...Perhaps start up a relationship with, erhem, the Blue Star? Like, the chick I know is the Red Star? Or Red Moon, now, I guess...You liked her, Max, Moon, I could see that...You loved her, Max...And she loved you back...No Brainwashing, no nothing, just love...And so quickly...Ah, but is it hollow words for you? Love? I hope not.

Now...*More to himself than Dredd*...Let's do this...*Nervously walks into the Crypt*
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