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Default Re: Bound By Blood

Chapter Four

The moon glowed brightly in the star lit sky with the city's lights adding beautifully to the scenery as Rosina looked out one of the many classroom windows, the brunette attending her first class since moving to Wilmington. The class took place in a very large room that could fit around seventy-five students, the rows lined up as if it were in a theater as the rows started from the top and gradually went down to the bottom of the room where the teacher taught. Rosina sat near the top row next to a set of white stairs, looking down at the teacher as the middle aged man sat at his desk, the Public Speaking class not starting for another fifteen minutes.

During the two weeks that had gone by Rosina found herself hanging out with both Caleb and Jesse a lot, though she never hung out with the two males at the same time. She had tried to make it to where the three of them could hang out together but each male declined, to which Rosina would always let out a sigh with a small pout. She didn't understand why Caleb and Jesse never wanted to hand out together, but whenever Rosina would ask Jesse would say that him and Caleb were just two different people and would never get along. Rosina respected both Caleb's and Jesse's decision, though the whole situation just irritated her.

Rosina was happy though since she got the waitress job at the Cosmos Diner, so at least something was going right for a change. Her uncle Hank agreed to watch Allison for free while Rosina had work and school, and even though she had tried to give him money for babysitting he would just shove the money back into her purse, which would always make Allison laugh. Jesse had come over to Rosina's house a lot so their daughters could play as well, which gave Jesse and Rosina a chance to hang out together. Whenever Rosina would hang out with Caleb it was always either at night or when there was a storm, which the brunette understood completely since she simply thought Caleb was on a different sleeping schedule as her from his night classes and night-shifts at his job. If only Rosina knew the truth...

"Hey." A voice suddenly said from behind Rosina, bringing the brunette to jump in her seat as her heart skipped a beat while turning her head and seeing Caleb standing right over her, his blonde hair in messy but attractive waves. During the time Rosina had spent time with both Caleb and Jesse she had become close with them, and beginning to feel an attraction for both of them.

"Hey." Rosina laughed, Caleb sitting to her right and was only separated from her by about four or five inches. "You're in this class too?"

"Shh, I'm crashing the class." Caleb said with a wink, a devilish smirk on his face.

"You're sneaking into class?" Rosina whispered with a small laugh. "Why?"

"Well I don't have class or work tonight, and I knew you had your first class tonight, so I thought I should come to give you some support. You know, a shoulder to lean on and all that." Caleb responded as the smirk was still on his face.

"If I end up falling asleep then I will be leaning on your shoulder, so there's your fair warning." Rosina chuckled.

"That's fine." Caleb shrugged. "If you feel like leaning on my shoulder even if you aren't tired then you're more than welcome to. I won't bite... hard." Rosina laughed again as she shook her head, looking down at the blue binder that rested in front of her.

"I'll be sure to keep that in mind." Rosina responded as she opened her binder and began to doodle with her black pen out of boredom. Caleb instantly noticed however that Rosina gave a small shiver, the Vampire seeing her skin which stood out from her orange tank top, light blue tattered shorts and her Converse high-tops had goosebumps, to which Caleb frowned.

"You look cold. Would you like to borrow my sweatshirt?" Caleb asked as Rosina turned her attention back over to him, placing the pen down on the paper.

"Sure. I didn't realize how cold the classroom was going to be." Rosina responded as the two stood up, Caleb taking off his black sweatshirt and handed it to Rosina. "Thanks." Rosina smiled.

"No problem." Caleb said, the bottom of his hand touching the top of hers. She instantly felt that Caleb's skin was cold, though not to where she had to flinch her hand away.

"Your skin is pretty cold." Rosina commented as she took Caleb's hand into hers, the Vampire frozen in place as he locked his widened eyes with hers. "Are you sure you don't want to wear your sweatshirt?"

"It's fine." Caleb recovered with a smile, to which Rosina smiled back and pushed her arms through the sweatshirt. It was a bit big on her but she didn't care, the brunette pulling up the zipper just below where her tank top cut from her chest. She caught Caleb staring at that area but didn't say anything as her eyes wondered to his chest as well, the male wearing a long-sleeved dark grey shirt with a v-neck which teased some of his muscular chest showing. Rosina could feel the heat instantly rising in her cheeks as she dared to look down lower, seeing that Caleb was wearing black tattered jeans and black Converse brand sneakers as well.

Caleb slowly looked down at Rosina's smooth legs which had just been waxed that very morning, the Vampire wanting to explore the human girl's body which would greatly satisfy his desires. His eyes traveled back up to her chest and collarbone, watching as Rosina's chest rose and fell with every living breath she took as well as heard her heart beating in her chest. Rosina didn't wear any body-spray or lotion as her natural scent filled Caleb's nose, which jasmine and vanilla could be detected naturally.

"Do either of you happen to have an extra pen or pencil?" A new voice greeted Rosina's and Caleb's ears as they were ripped away from their daydreaming gazes and looked over to a girl with long chestnut colored hair, Rosina giving the other student a smile.

"I do." Rosina responded, digging through her bag and found another black pen.

"Thanks." The other female responded with a smile of her own as Rosina handed her the pen. "I promise to give it back to you."

"Don't worry about it. Keep the pen." Rosina chuckled.

"Thanks again." The girl said sweetly, walking down the steps to the first row of the classroom and sat down, where another girl joined her a few moments later. Rosina turned back to Caleb where she caught his eyes staring into hers, though he smiled and sat back down as Rosina follow suit.

"Are you really going to sit through this boring class with me? It will be torture for you." Rosina commented with a small giggle.

"I think I'll manage." Caleb shrugged, though a playful smile was on his face. "So do you like your new job as a waitress?"

"Yeah I do. Everyone who goes there is really nice, and so is the staff. Jesse always teases me whenever he gets the chance." Rosina responded with a chuckle.

"I always notice that." Caleb responded, though he did his best to push his dark feelings aside at the mention of Jesse's name. Rosina didn't seem to notice however, giving a small laugh.

"Well you're in there almost every single night at some point when I'm working." Rosina laughed and gave him a light punch on the shoulder.

"What was that for?" Caleb chuckled, the human girl's smile widening.

"That's for always leaving me huge tips. You either give me a five dollar tip if you only order a cup of coffee, or a ten dollar tip for a meal. Those tips are way too much, and before I can return the money to you, you disappear."

"I thought you would like my big tips. You give excellent service." Caleb shrugged playfully.

"You don't have to give me those big of tips." Rosina said, reaching over and gave Caleb's hand a light squeeze.

"If that will make you happy then I'll stop giving you big tips."

"You're lying." Rosina laughed.

"I know." Caleb smirked, looking down at his hand where Rosina still held it.

"Caleb... are you sure you don't want your sweatshirt? Your skin is pretty cold and I..."

"I'm fine." Caleb cut Rosina off, though he was polite about it as he placed his other hand on top of hers. "My skin is always cold, so I'm used to it."

"It's like you're a Vampire." Rosina chuckled as she took her hand back, bringing Caleb to snicker.

"Do you like Vampires?"

"They're okay, though I think Hollywood is kinda ruining Vampire folklore. I mean come on... Vampires that sparkle in the sunlight? Seriously?" Caleb laughed from Rosina's response.

"Yeah, we most definitely don't sparkle." The words came out of Caleb's mouth before he could stop them, the Vampire tensing as he looked down.

"W-what did you say?" Rosina asked as she looked at the male sitting next to her in confusion, unsure if she had heard him correctly.

"I uh, I said that they most definitely don't sparkle." Caleb responded coolly as he looked back up to the brunette. "They burn in the sunlight."

"Exactly." Rosina chuckled, to which Caleb silently sighed in relief. "I really love Werewolves though, which is why I'm writing a novel about them."

"Do you like actual wolves?" Caleb asked in curiosity.

"They're my favorite animal." Rosina responded with a nod. "I really want to get a Siberian Husky puppy since they resemble wolves so much but I want to wait until Allison gets a little older. I'm afraid that since she's really young then the puppy might hurt her by accident, since puppies are little balls of energy."

"That's a good idea." Caleb nodded. "I really like Vampire Bats. They look cool."

"My wolves can beat your bats any day." Rosina playfully stuck out her tongue as Caleb chuckled, the Vampire shaking his head.

"One day we'll just have to put it to the test."

The next morning came as Rosina was already dressed, had breakfast and was watching her daughter eat from the high-chair, the sun shining brightly through all of the windows. Last night after Rosina had gotten home from class, which Caleb let her keep his sweatshirt, her cat Hermione gave birth to the kittens. There were four in total with no casualties; two males and two females. One female was completely black while the other female was white with grey stripes, one male being light orange with dark orange stripes while the other male was completely white with a black patch around his left eye. It was too early for Rosina and her family to tell what the kittens' genders were going to be, but where were truly two females and two males.

"Do you have work today?" Bill asked as he sat down at the kitchen table with his daughter, her mother still sleeping as the brunette looked up at him.

"No but I have another class tonight." Rosina responded as she looked out the window, a troubled look on her face as the sunlight poured on her skin.

"What's wrong?" Bill asked, clearly seeing that his daughter was lost in thought.

"It's just that... I've been thinking a lot about the deaths that I've gone through, even my own brother's... I've been wanting to go to the graveyard to see if maybe that would put me at ease." Rosina paused as she looked back over to her father. "I know that none of them are buried at that graveyard, but I think if I was just surrounded by all of the gravestones and just took a breather then that might relief some of the stress."

"I think that you should go then." Bill responded with a nod. "I'll watch Ally and you can go to the graveyard. You deserve to have some time to yourself."

"Thanks dad." Rosina smiled and stood up, kissing her father and daughter on the forehead and went upstairs to grab her journal as well as her ipod.

Even though it was a fifteen minute walk and she could had taken her car Rosina decided to walk to the graveyard, the outside summer weather not being too hot that morning as she listened to her ipod while walking the back roads to the graveyard, her pink drawing bag slung over her shoulder which carried her brown leather journal, two pens, her phone, some money and a sealed bottle of water. Once Rosina reached the busy street and safely crossed it she walked up a small hill to the large graveyard, the patch of woods which went on for miles could be seen towards the back of the graveyard while a church was on the right side, Maple trees scattering the land as well. Rosina took a deep breath and walked further into the bone yard, the brunette finally stopping when she reached just the outside of the woods. She sat underneath a Maple tree which provided shade and took out her journal, opening it to the middle of the brown leather book while leaning against the tree and took out a pen.

Dear Diary,

This is going to be the very first entry I write ever since moving to Delaware, and I know it won't be the last. Things have been going pretty okay here I guess, I mean I got a job, attending night classes and even met two really good friends... I just feel like I don't belong here though. Even though things are going pretty good for now, something in my gut is saying it won't last.

I've been thinking about all of the deaths I had gone through, my dreams being haunted by them as well... I know moving here was supposed to provide a new beginning, start the next chapter in my life, but it feels like nothing is changing. How is moving to a few house in a new state supposed to take away all of the pain I feel? No matter where I go that pain will just linger with me, the very sorrow living inside me, eating away until there's absolutely nothing left.

If it wasn't for my daughter I honestly think I wouldn't be alive right now, because from the deep depression I'm secretly going through I would had killed myself so I wouldn't have feel that pain any longer, but I know Ally needs me to stay strong and alive. I'm the only parent she has since her father doesn't make an attempt to see her, which is the lowest thing I think he can do. Sure, he sends $250 every two weeks for child support, but I really wish he would make the attempt to come around and see her. Ally needs a father figure in her life, though I know that would probably never happen.

Rosina sighed and closed the small book, placing it back into her bag along with the pen. Her eyes scanned the empty graveyard before standing to her feet, turning towards the woods and saw a path which led inside it. Even though Rosina wasn't at the graveyard for too long she still wanted to explore the woods, slinging her bag over her shoulder and began to walk along the narrow path. As she walked further the trees quickly began to engulf her the deeper she walked, Rosina turning around and saw that the church was almost impossible to see. The path began to turn in a wide circle however and would lead back towards the graveyard, but Rosina wanted to explore the woods even further, the brunette straying from the path and walked deeper into the woods.
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