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The Rest of Chapter Four

Old branches and twigs snapped from underneath Rosina's feet as thorn bushes and vines threatened to nip at her exposed legs, the young woman trying to do the best she could to avoid the sharp plants as her black Converse high-tops provided some protection. Rosina got about a quarter mile away from the path until she suddenly heard a branch snap from behind her, the brunette quickly turning around but found nothing as her heart raced.

"It was probably just a rabbit or something." Rosina chuckled to herself as she took a steady breath, turning back around to take another step. When she did however hidden metal jaws suddenly dug into her leg which caused Rosina to painfully scream and fall to the hard ground, a small but powerful bear trap locking around her right leg. The sharp teeth dug into her soft skin and through some of the bone about two inches above where her high-tops ended, Rosina's eyes widening in shock at what she was seeing.

"Help! Some please help!" Rosina screamed from the top of her lungs as blood began to drip down from the circling wounds, the panicked girl leaning forward and trying to pull open both sides of the trap. The sharp teeth of the trap didn't loosen however as the metal only dug into her fingers, deeply cutting them as she tried to scream for help again, though her only answer was silence.

As Rosina tried to pull open the trap again a howl broke through the silence, bringing Rosina to freeze in place as her eyes widened. She was looking down as she heard slow footsteps begin to walk up towards her, the brunette slowly looking up and saw a light brown, full sized wolf staring at her from about ten feet away. On the right side of the wolf was a copper colored wolf pup, the pup letting out a small bark as it looked over to Rosina. The full sized wolf stopped in its tracks when Rosina looked up towards it, the wolf lowering its muzzle.

"Oh no..." Rosina said in a low voice, the two wolves beginning to approach her again. She panicked as she tried to yank her leg free from the trap but a thick chain was connected to a tree, the metal jaw locking Rosina in place as the teeth only sank into her skin deeper. She let out a horrible, painful scream as the teeth tore open her skin even more and sank down deeper into her bone, the two wolves stopping in place as they looked at her. The pup then began to walk further towards Rosina but the other wolf let out a bark, Rosina turning back to the pair of wolves with tears in her eyes as the pup stopped walking. The pup let out a whine, though sat down as the larger wolf began to slowly approach Rosina again.

At this point Rosina was trembling from fear as the light brown wolf inched its way closer to her, her heart pounding so quickly in her chest that it felt like it was going to rip out. The tears escaped Rosina's eyes and slid down her cheeks as the wolf stood in front of her, looking down towards Rosina's injured leg and then back up at her. The wolf let out a small whine, lightly nudging its muzzle underneath Rosina's chin and licked her cheeks, as if it were wiping away her tears. Rosina looked at the wolf in confusion as her body stopped trembling, slowly lifting up her hand as the wolf lightly rubbed the side of its head against her palm.

As Rosina stroked the top of the wolf's head she connected her eyes with the animal's in front of her, seeing that the wolf had turquoise colored eyes; something about its eyes seemed so familiar to Rosina, but she couldn't figure out from where. She winced in pain however as the pain in her leg began to worsen, her earlier fear towards the wolves distracting the pain momentarily as the wolf looked back down towards her leg. With another small whine from the wolf it licked Rosina's cheek one last time before turning back around and walking back towards the pup, the larger wolf letting out a bark as the two ran away side by side.

"Holy crap..." Rosina gasped in shock, the brunette not believing what she had just experienced with the wolves. She tried to push the matter aside however as she dug through her bag painfully to find her phone, blood from the wounds on her fingers smearing her bag with blood as she struggled to find her phone. She found it but cursed when seeing that her front screen was badly cracked from when she fell, a large rock on the ground having smashed the phone when her bag fell on top of it from underneath her weight.

"Rosina!" A familiar voice called out from behind her, the brunette quickly turning her head and seeing Jesse running towards her with his daughter Rebecca in his arms, the toddler having her orange colored hair tied back in a ponytail.

"Careful! I don't know if there's anymore traps." Rosina warned as she threw her phone back into her bag, Jesse carefully placing Rebecca down next to Rosina as he knelt down next to the two girls, Jesse brushing his light brown hair away from his turquoise colored eyes.

"I need to get you out of that." Jesse said as he leaned over and began to carefully work on the metal trap.

"How did you even find me?" Rosina asked as she winced badly in pain, Jesse being able to open the trap a few moments later which released her leg. He took a long branch and set off the trap, its saw snapping the branch but was now closed. Deep puncture wounds circled around Rosina's leg as blood began to heavily stream down from them and onto her shoes and the ground, Jesse quickly ripping some of the bottom of his blue shirt off and began to tie it around the wounds.

"I was walking in the wood's path with Rebecca and then we heard your screams." Jesse responded, tightly tying the knot as Rosina let out a yelp in pain. "I can't believe there's a trap here... why did you stray from the path in the first place?"

"I don't know..." Rosina said as she looked down. "I wanted to explore deeper into the woods."

"Next time, don't stray from paths." Jesse responded, though he offered a small smile. "You need to go to the hospital."

"I don't know if I can walk." Rosina admitted as Jesse helped her to her feet, though when the brunette tried to put any pressure on her right leg the wound sent sharp, shooting pains, bringing Rosina to yelp in pain once again as Jesse steadied her.

"I'm gonna have to carry you then." Jesse responded as he leaned down and picked up Rebecca, the toddler sitting on top of his shoulders as she wrapped her legs around his neck and grabbed his hair so she wouldn't fall. "You okay up there?"

"I'm fine daddy." Rebecca responded as Jesse carefully straightened his body to stand again, then scooping Rosina into his arms to cradle her and began to walk in the direction of the graveyard.

"I thought you said there weren't any wolves around here?" Rosina asked as she looked up at Jesse, who gave her a troubled look.

"There aren't." Jesse responded. "Why do you ask?"

"Two of them walked up to me while I was trapped. A baby wolf and then a larger one, like its mother or father or something."

"Are you sure it was wolves? I didn't see any." Jesse said.

"I'm sure." Rosina nodded, remembering the wolf's soft brown fur flowing through her fingers. "It was like the wolf was sad when it saw I was hurt... I thought it was going to attack me but it didn't."

"What did the wolf do exactly?" Jesse asked.

"It began to whine, and then it licked my face. The wolf even let me pet it." Rosina responded, looking down at her hand.

"Are you absolutely sure you weren't just imagining everything? Like maybe the adrenaline kicked in from all of your pain from the trap and your mind was playing tricks on you." Jesse suggested, but Rosina shook her head.

"I'm sure. The two wolves were really there. I just don't know why a trap was hidden there like that."

"Most likely hunters hunting deer. That's why its important for people who go into the woods to stay on the paths." Jesse responded as Rebecca leaned her chin down on top of her father's head, to which Rosina looked back up at him. Her dark brown eyes connected with his turquoise ones, the brunette staring into them in wonder.

"Turquoise colored eyes..."

"Hmm?" Jesse asked in confusion.

"The wolf who came up to me had turquoise colored eyes." Jesse broke his gaze from Rosina's words and looked down towards the ground, forcing a smile on his face as he looked back down at her a few moments later.

"Let's just get you out of here and to the hospital." Jesse said.
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