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Default Re: The Hunger Games [RP]

Ashley Mellark and Jeremy Mellark from District Twelve

As Ashley and Jeremy sat up in the tree they began to go through the two backpacks Ashley saw a large scrape on Jeremy's right leg, bringing her to quickly look up at him in alarm.

"How did you get that?" Ashley asked, to which Jeremy looked down at his leg and saw the blood.

"I think from when my leg slipped on the tree." Jeremy responded, to which Ashley picked up some snow next to her on the branch and placed it over Jeremy's cut. "I thought you said the snow was poisoned?" Jeremy gasped loudly.

"Shh! They might hear you!" Ashley snapped, though letting out a sigh a few moments later. "I swear, either we're going to die from other Tributes hearing your big mouth or a pack of wolves are going to track us down by the scent of your blood."

"What happened to the snow being poisoned?" Jeremy pushed further, ignoring his sister's comment.

"That's if you eat or drink it." Ashley responded.

"How can you be so sure?" Jeremy asked.

"Think about it. We're in an arena to which every single Tribute is going to get hurt one way or the other, to which the snow will enter their wounds. If the snow was going to kill us by entering our wounds then there wouldn't even be a victor." Ashley explained, Jeremy's jaw dropping.

"How do you even know this stuff? That makes perfect sense."

"We were raised by our parents being both victors of these Games, Jeremy. We were taught to think outside the box, and plus it's just common sense." Ashley responded with a light chuckle.

"Do you think it should get bandaged up?" Jeremy asked as Ashley nodded, finding a pair of black socks in her bag and tied one around Jeremy's leg. "A sock?"

"Outside the box, remember?"

"True." Jeremy agreed. "I would be dead after the first day if you weren't here." Ashley chuckled again, the two continuing to go through their backpacks. In Ashley's she found the pair of socks, a bag of dried fruit, a bag of dried meat, a thin sleeping bag which was rolled-up tightly, a forty foot white rope which was rolled tightly as well, and a emptied half gallon clear container for water. Jeremy pulled out the sealed loaf of bread and placed it on his lap as he looked through his own backpack, finding a black hat which would cover their ears, warm white gloves, a small kit of five sewing needles and a full role of thick thread, a small rolled-up blanket, some matches and a half gallon container which had actually water inside filled to the top.

"Is that really water?" Ashley questioned in surprise.

"Yeah, which is why my backpack didn't come with any food. Good thing I managed to get the loaf of bread." Jeremy responded. "Let me see your container." Ashley handed him the container and he carefully poured the clean water in it halfway.

"We shouldn't drink any water right now though until we either find a water source or if we absolutely need to drink some of our water before we find more." Ashley said as Jeremy nodded in agreement, handing her the water as they placed everything back into their backpacks.

"Let's go try to find some water then, though I have a feeling it's going to be in the opposite direction from the Cornucopia." Jeremy said, putting the bread in his backpack as well and strapped the throwing knifes to his belt, though he handed one to his sister as she strapped it to her own belt.

"That's a good idea. Let's keep going through the woods then." Ashley responded.

"What are we going to do once night falls though?" Jeremy questioned. "I have a feeling the temperature here reaches the negatives during the night."

"We'll have no choice but to light a fire to stay warm, but we'll each take shifts guarding each other while the other sleeps." Ashley responded.

"How does two hour shifts sound?"

"That's fine with me. We need to find shelter too before nightfall as well." Ashley nodded, the two climbing out of the tree and back onto the ground. Jeremy strapped the one backpack to his back while slinging the other one over his left shoulder, making it easier for Ashley to have the quiver of arrows strapped to her back. She held the bow in her left hand as her guard remained up, the two continuing to walk through the woods.

The sound of the cannon tore through the arena as Ashley and Jeremy froze in their tracks, counting how many times it went off. When the cannon ended at eight deaths total a tightness in Ashley's stomach formed, the dead Tributes not being revealed until later that night in the sky during the anthem.

"Everything is going to be okay." Jeremy said when sensing his sister's nervousness. She gave a small nod, the two continuing to walk through the thick woods. What bothered Ashley and Jeremy the most was that the snow was leaving behind a trail from the two of them, the siblings hoping no one would find it before the heavy snowfall consumes the arena later that night.

Caroline Hawthorne from District Four

Caroline scanned through the winter-like arena and saw Kiseki briefly make eye contact with her, the blonde watching as Kiseki picked up a dagger and began to race towards her. She quickly placed one dagger securely through her belt as well as the arrow before Kiseki reached her, Caroline looking up at the dark haired boy.

“Come on, we have to get out of here!” Kiseki said, to which Caroline turned her head where the woods led on for miles, keeping out her one dagger.

"Good idea." Caroline said, turning around and sprinting into the woods. She didn't know how far she had ran as the snow got crushed underneath her boots, the cold air filling her lungs as she began to slow down. "We should be okay for now." Caroline leaned up against a tree to catch her breath, her legs burning as she was running for at least ten to fifteen minutes without stopping. It made running even harder with the snow beginning to slowly rise the further into the woods, to which the snow was a about four inches above her ankles.

Caroline slipped her other dagger through her belt and walked over to Kiseki, hugging the Tribute so tightly that she might had been hurting him a little bit, but she was unable to let go. She was so happy that Kiseki was okay, and that he was safe with her at the moment. Caroline leaned back only enough to connect her lips with Kiseki's in a passionate kiss, and even though it was only thirty degrees with the temperature slowly dropping, the kiss was still warm, filled with the love that she felt for Kiseki.

"I love you so much Kiseki." Caroline said as she leaned back, the whole world watching them as she leaned her forehead against his.

“Hey, we can use this to wrap it up.” Caroline whipped her head around when hearing Michael's faint voice, her heart skipping a beat as she scanned around to find the other Tribute.

“We probably can’t stay here for long.” Ichiru's voice was then heard, Caroline trying her best to pinpoint where Ichiru and Michael were. “The other tributes will be retreating to the woods soon, and it’s only a matter of time before someone finds us.”

“You’re right.” Michael responded. “We can stay here for a little while longer so Amelia can rest and then move later on before dark.”

"I think they're this way." Caroline said as she took Kiseki's hand and guided him in the direction of the voices. After about a minute or two she saw Ichiru, Michael and Amelia behind a bush, though Amelia didn't look to be in good condition at all. "Oh crap..." Caroline released Kiseki's hand and knelt down beside Amelia, the blonde quickly taking off her two backpacks she managed to get and began to look through them to see if she had anything else than a cloth, though she didn't find anything that could be to much use as the sound of the cannon was heard which determined how many Tributes have died. "The bloodbath must be over already." Caroline commented.

Matt Wilson from District Thirteen

After running for what seemed like forever Matt and Coral came to a stop, the two each having a backpack on their backs while Matt held a sword and Coral held the knife Ashley threw at her, the female's hand continuing to bleed.

"I want to kill her." Coral growled as Matt examined her hand, the male then going through the two backpacks and found a yellow scarf. He cut a piece off with his sword and began tying it around Coral's hand, locking eyes with her.

"We'll find them." Matt reassured her, to which she nodded.

"I think we should head back towards the Cornucopia but not actually reveal ourselves, like use the woods as cover and then go in the direction where the Mellark's headed. We can follow their footprints, which will lead us right to them." Coral suggested.

"We ran a few miles, and I'm sure they did too but in the complete opposite direction. Even if we leave right now to track them it will probably take us at least a day to reach them."

"It will be worth it." Coral smirked, to which Matt smirked as well.

"First we'll go through our supplies in the backpacks, find some water, and then we'll make the trip. We want to reach them, but we need to make sure we have the right tools to survive as well." Matt explained.

"We can actually go to the Cornucopia as well to get even more items if there aren't any Tributes there. Like you said though, let's see what we already have, find water, and then make our way to the Cornucopia." Matt nodded at Coral's words, the two beginning to look through their backpacks while still being completely alert.

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