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Default So got this Slenderman story idea here...

So I've decided to make a Slenderman story. Not a short story or a bad knock-off pasta or anything. I suppose you could call it a fanfic, if Slenderman were a copyrighted entity lol.

Anyways, I have this idea in my head that makes him not quite what people expect. It's not as much a horror story or "oh my God he's going to murder me" type thing, rather a story to challenge what most people see him as. I'll be incorporating some of my headcanon about him, tossing in some theories that might make you wonder if he really is the child-abducting, murderous supernatural being you think he is :D.

Oh, on top of that, the heroine isn't exactly your typical victim. I want to sort of shake things up with her; by that I mean she' not really human herself and is trained in dealing with things that go bump in the night (though obviously she's never got a briefing on how to deal with Slendy). I like the idea of using a character like this because a) it's unique (I've never seen a Slenderman story where the narrator wasn't human) and b) when a human meets Slenderman, it's obvious that they're going to be scared senseless, but when a non-human who's used to dealing with scary crap meets him, it would have more of an impact that even SHE'S like "holy jesus ****!"

Aaaaaanyways, I have the prologue typed as well as part of chapter one, on top of a few random excerpts I'll polish and stick into the story at the appropriate place. Just wondering what y'all think of the idea and such. Here's a random little excerpt, which happens to be one of my favorite scenes so far. And yeah, it's a little censored by slight language lol.


I held the rusted sword in my hands and took a breath to steady myself before stepping into the Operator Symbol. I watched as the entryway materialized and headed through it into the Domain, trying not to flinch when the portal behind me shut with an audible crack. I’d never get used to that, no matter how many damn times I came here.

I was surprised to see He wasn’t in His normal area; in fact, I didn’t see Him anywhere. I scowled and started off, not feeling up to a game of hide-and-seek right now. I hoped He’d eventually turn up on His own, since I had no idea where He was and definitely didn’t feel like wandering around looking for Him. I eyed the empty, broken houses as I passed them, peering into the shattered windows and gaping holes for any sign of Him. I might have muttered a few rather choice words as I searched, but to be fair I was tired and aching and wanted nothing more than to take a nice hot shower and sleep for the next week or so.

I don’t know how long I walked before I found Him. He was standing with His back to me, on the fringes of the silent town. I paused when I spotted Him, my heart momentarily trying to escape through my throat. I doubted I’d ever be able to look at Him, even from behind, without feeling a sense of crushing anxiety. I forced the feeling away and ignored it, trudging towards the slender entity standing motionless in the distance.

I came to a stop once more about five feet away from Him. He didn’t react to my presence in the slightest, just kept staring at whatever it was He was staring at. His arms were at His sides, His hands flat against his long legs. I shuffled in place for a moment, at first irritated that He was ignoring me but quickly growing uncomfortable. My anxiety started to creep back, icy fingers sliding along my gut and back. I honestly would have preferred Him facing me with His crazy tentacles going everywhere to this utter failure to acknowledge I was there.

Did I make Him angry, somehow? Did I do something wrong? Is He going to-

[So, you have the Elemin.]

“YEEEEEEEE!” I shrieked. It was a short but loud scream, the kind where you’re so startled by something that you only manage to make a little bit of noise before your throat just shrivels up and won’t let anything else out. I also jumped a food foot in the air, then jumped again when He abruptly flickered, facing me once He was solid again. My grip on the sword tightened to the point that the metal pommel caved inward, but it was the last thing I was concerned about. He titled His head a tiny bit to the left at my reaction, and I could sense his amusement. I swear to God, He must have been ignoring me just for the satisfaction of scaring the absolute **** out of me. I swallowed a few times, waiting until my pulse wasn’t going about a million miles a minute before replying.

“You know, maybe if I’m so important to this plan of yours, you shouldn’t go out of your way to give me a damn heart attack,” I snapped. He didn’t reply, but instead raised His right hand. The motion was too fast, too smooth, and I instinctively flinched away before realizing He was waiting for me to give Him the sword. I practically threw it at Him and then shuffled back a few steps as He ran His left hand over the dull, rusted blade. He studied the old weapon for a moment before nodding a single time; a few tentacles rose from His back and arched over His shoulders to twine themselves around the sword. They lifted it out of His hands and appeared to draw it into His body, though they could have just been holding it against His back. He continued to hold His hands up, though, and the pose suddenly struck me with a deep sense of “oh ****”.

A stray tentacle suddenly rose into view, slipping over His right shoulder and pressing itself against the left side of where His mouth should be. The semi-solid tendril then slowly started to drag across His face, and as it did I noticed a thin black line appearing where it passed. Once it reached the right side of His face, the tentacle vanished. At that moment, the thin black line abruptly expanded into a gaping mouth full of very straight, very pointy white teeth. A LOT of them. The mouth curved into a wide smile, but by that time the “oh ****” feeling I’d been having had morphed into a “SWEET BABY JESUS IN HEAVEN SAVE ME” feeling. I hadn’t felt this sort of fear since the first time I’d seen Him.

[You’re going to need some…assistance…in order to properly use the Elemin once it’s been reforged,] He said, though He didn’t speak using his newly-formed mouth. He continued to speak in that same strange way He always had, but all I could focus on was that fang-lined maw. [There are only a few who could survive this; let us hope that I am correct in thinking you are one of them.]

Before I could even think to try and ask what the hell He meant or what He was planning, He vanished. Within the same second I sensed His presence behind me. I made to turn, but two powerful hands locked themselves around my arms and pinned them to my sides, preventing me from moving. I felt tentacles wrapping around my legs as well, practically cocooning the bottom half of my body. I was then lifted into the air, all the while snarling and shrieking and basically freaking the hell out. I just knew something bad was going to happen, something that was going to make me regret getting that damn sword for quite a long time. I struggled as best I could, but there was no breaking free from the vice-like, yet oddly warm, grip He had on me.

“Let me go let me go let me go letmegoletmegoletmego!” I screeched over and over, but I might as well been yelling at a wall for all the good it did. I paused long enough to take a breath so I could continue ranting, but at that moment I felt something fasten around the left side of my neck. And then something pierced the skin and sank into the flesh, dozens of wickedly sharp things that seemed to inject ice-cold agony directly into my nerves.

I wanted to scream, to rant and rage and thrash and just get away from here, but the pain quite literally left me paralyzed. It started in my neck but rapidly coursed throughout my entire body, until I felt like I was submerged in a tub full of ice while simultaneously being skinned alive and having salty lemon juice rubbed into the raw flesh. I couldn’t breathe, could barely think. I was distantly aware of being set down, not because I felt myself being lowered to the ground, but because I could still somewhat see (though my vision was shrinking down to an ever-closing tunnel at an alarming rate). My head lolled to one side and I saw Him kneeling over me, His mouth no longer present. The only evidence of what had happened were a few thin trickles of blood where the corners of His mouth had been. The last thing I saw before unconsciousness draped itself over me was a long white hand covering my eyes.




So, ideas? Thoughts? Questions? I wanna try to make this one of the best Slendy stories ever, but I'll need a bit of input to make it work.
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