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Default Re: The Chosen [SU/DS]

D.O.B and Age:
19/4/1995 Age 17
Hometown and Country:
Northern Suburbs of Melbourne, Australia

Cobalt is generally a friendly person, though he has a quick temper, one of the after effects of years of bullying. He will always attempt to be just, and will never tolerate a bully. He will curse and throw insults at a person if he is angry with them, but due to his small size, avoids physical fights. Since a young age, Cobalt felt he had to be the one who held it all together in his broken family, during times of grief. because of this, he rarely shows emotion, and hardly ever cries. He will seem like a robot to a person who doesn't know him well, but once a person is friends with him, he will do anything for them, but will also take any bad things they do to heart. He has been heartbroken before because of this.

Cobalt grew up in the suburbs. His parents divorced at a young age, and he and his younger brother lived with each parent for a week at a time. He was bullied during primary school, which lead to anger issues. The bullying stopped in secondary school however, and Cobalt generally became a more friendly person, though still with a quick temper.

During primary school, he excelled, showing signs of being a genius. During secondary school however, he began to decelerate academically, and began getting average marks. He did however become very interested in music.

Cobalt has hazel eyes, with long dark hair. He suffers from the plague of Acne like most teenagers, and is average height, towering above some people his age, and dwarfed by others. He generally wears jeans, and hooded jackets or hoodies. He mostly wears black, red and blue. He also wears lots of rubber wristbands, some which hold sentimental value to him. Cobalt isn't strong, and is in fact very weak, unable to even do a pushup. He is very thin, which surprises lots of people because he was overweight a few years ago, and accidentally lost alot of weight. People generally tell him he has lost weight if they havent seen him in a while.
Partner Pokemon Species and Nickname:
Species: Torchic
Nickname: Flare

Bunnying Rights:
None yet, nobody may control my character. This may change however, due to my differing timezone.

Start with or without Pokemon?
Start without. I would enjoy to have my first post of the RP be Cobalt finding the meteor and Torchic's egg, and hatching it.

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