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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Charlie whispers as she is sending out her Butterfree.
Charlie: "Viceroy! I need you to fly over those guards and let loose a lot of Sleep Powder. You need to put them all to sleep!"
Viceroy: "Sure..."
Viceroy flies high above the guards and lets loose Sleep Powder. He flies lower as he releases more to effectively drench the guards in more and more. He returns to Charlie and lands on her arm next to Eltry.
Viceroy: "Hey Eltry."
Eltry: "Hey Roy."
Viceroy: "What are you out for?"
Eltry: "Scouting."
Viceroy: "Aah, how did that go?"
Eltry: "Well enough."
Charlie waits to see if the group shall procede.
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