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Default My Song Book - (Must I be an irritation Xanthe?)

In real life, I am a guitarist, and a basic-leveled pianist. The past year, I have gotten into songwriting. My issue, is that I can only write when I am at an extreme of emotion, and when I do, it is usually snippets of songs. But I don't have the guts to show people I know IRL. I do however believe that if I post some of my songs here, I will A) Feel more inclined to write complete songs, if people here like them, instead of just verses, and B) Will have the guts to show people IRL, if people here like them. So yeah, these are my creations, some are complete, some aren't. I do hope you enjoy them though :)
PS: I had alot more songs. But I was silly and stored them on my phone, which was prone to dying due to my constant need to modify. So those songs were lost. Some of which I wish I still remembered, others, I am glad I lost.

Quick Links
Worlds Apart (Complete)
In Your Hands (In Progress)

Also: I am not a child. I can tolerate constructive criticism. What I don't tolerate is pure flaming.

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