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Default Re: My Song Book

Worlds Apart
The Backstory

I wrote thing song one morning before school. About a year prior, a close friend of mine moved overseas, and went to a boarding school in Cameroon, but was going to come back in June 2013 for University. We still talked over facebook, but due to her unstable internet connection, and differing timezones, this was rare. I missed seeing her, but the night before I wrote this song, I had a dream, of the day when she came back. After that dream, I missed her alot more, and wrote some parts of this song. This song remained incomplete for a few weeks, but after some other things happened in my life, it evolved into a depressing love song about a girl I know...

The Song

Verse 1
I see your face,
Eyes open wide,
But all you see,
Is just the outside of me.
Just one chance,
Is all I need,
To show to you,
The other side of me.

Every night I dream of you and me,
When I know that it'll never be,
All of this, it breaks my heart,
Just to know that we are Worlds Apart.

Verse 2
Why can't you see,
What I would do,
Through all the days,
Just to be with you.
You are the one,
I'd spend forever with,
You are the one,
That I sorely miss.

Same as Above

My dreams won't last,
There is no way,
To stay with you,
Through all the days.
Until the end,
You will be in my heart,
But the hardest part is always, waking up.

Same as Above

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