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Default Re: My Song Book

In Your Hands
The Backstory
I am a Christian, and proud of it. People will probably be skeptical about the following story, but anyway...
Since I was 11, I wanted to do forensics as a job when I left school. I told my parents this (Who both dropped out of high school) and they have pressured me for the past 7 years to do forensics, and set a high standard for my school work. From all this pressure, I have had my doubts on whether I want to do Forensics or not. Recently, I began listening to an awesome band called Fireflight. They are a christian band, who do metal music. There music isn't open, obvious worship, like bands like Planetshakers, Hillsong and Jesus Culture, but is instead a semi-cryptic message in the lyrics. They never mention God directly, which can be seen as both a good thing and a bad thing. A good thing is, that people who aren't Christians can still get some message from their music. Anyway, recently I have been thinking about what it would be like to play in a band like that. I love their style, and enjoy playing it. I have had my doubts about forensics, and have been dreaming of playing this music. One night at my youth group, one of my leaders who i had never mentioned this to, came over to me, and told me that God told him that I have a dream, and have doubts about it. He said God wants me to chase that dream and not look back. I told a close friend of mine, who is a singer about this. She said that she wanted to sing in the band. I took both these things as a sign, and in the moments of Joy that followed, I was inspired to write this song. It still needs to be completed however.
The Song

Still incomplete

In your hands,
I am forgiven.
In your hands,
My sin was washed away.
In your hands,
My life hangs in the balance.
In your hands,
I have been set free.

The days keep going by,
And we go our own way.
Yet we are never forgotten,
Never left behind.

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