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Default Re: The Chosen [SU/DS]

Name: Jack Finnigan
D.O.B and Age: May 31, 1994, 18
Hometown and Country: Jackson, Mississippi, Merrica!! [United States]
Personality: He seems fairly immature and irrational some of the time. He is kinder than he seems, but can unintentionally be a smart-*donkey*. He has a strong sense of loyaly and, due to a current situation, may have a dramatic change in attitude.
History: He has a fairly uneventful history. He is well traveled within his country, but he has very rarely left the United States. He, like the typical "American," normally doesn't see beyond his own countries borders. He has been an avid gamer since he had the capablility to hold the controller of his parents Super-Nintendo. He has also been considering a military career. His hopes and dreams where that concerns are coming true in their own way. That is his history up to this point.
Appearance: He is about five feet, five inches tall [about 1.5 meters for you metrics]. He has a light frame. Despite being a bit of a nerd, he is not very "scrawny." He has brown hair and blue eyes. He is normally seen in his natural habitat wearing a hoodie and jeans, as well as brown boots.
Partner Pokemon Species and Nickname:
Species: Porygon [despite being gender nuetral, it likes to consider itself female, and it has a minor malfunction causing it to feel emotion]
Nickname: Glitch
Bunnying Rights: None yet, may change quickly
Imma little neutral as far as with or without... but I will say without
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