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Default Re: The Chosen [SU/DS]

Could I reserve myself a spot here? This actually looks very interesting, so I'll keep up with it. I'll have my sign up on here sometime today.



Name: Fenn Simmons

Gender: Female

D.O.B and Age: 18

Hometown and Country: Baltimore, Maryland in the US of A. (Her house is surrounded by forest, but she isn't really in the middle of nowhere. Her family owns several acres of forest behind her house. Perfect place to find that egg?)

Personality: Fenn comes off as a very friendly person once you get to know her. Otherwise, she is sometimes shy when meeting new people due to several of her friendships that ended in some pretty bad fights. She isnt as quick to make friends as she used to be, and she prefers to keep her feelings close to her chest. This may make her come off as somewhat standoffish to some, but once she learns to trust someone and judges their character as best as she can, she will open up slightly. She is a woman of few words, and will sometimes offer her two cents, but she prefers someone else to make big decisions. She is actually quite confident in herself, and wont back down from a challenge. She is also quite tough, having taken a beating from the few sports shes played.

History: Fenn had a rather uneventful history in Baltimore, Maryland. She went to school like any normal person would, made and lost friends, and grew very close to her family. From the day her father bought her a Gameboy Advance she has been playing video games and now, as a Senior in high school, has applied to college to design them. She has traveled with her family to Europe several times, but has spent most (if not all of her life) in Maryland. This is her history up to this point.

Appearance: Fenn has shoulder-length brown hair that she usually keeps tied back from her face (in a ponytail or some other way). She stands about 5 8, so she is rather tall for a girl. Shell usually wear an army-green jacket with jeans and some sort of graphic t-shirt that is usually black (her favorite being one about a Girl Gamer). She wears thigh high brown boots as well. She is somewhat pale, since most of what she does involves being inside, but she is well built and rather strong. She wears glasses and has green-blue eyes.

Partner Pokemon Species and Nickname: [Aron] Altera (Female)

Bunnying Rights: None as of now. I will be on Winter Break shortly so there will be no need for it :) If I do need it, I will ask.

Start with or without Pokemon?
Id rather start without, I think it would be interesting to hatch a pokemon egg without the knowledge of what it actually was.

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