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The Rest of Chapter Five

After about another hour of having lunch and shopping for a few toys for their daughters Rosina and Jesse made their way to the parking-lot towards their own vehicles which were parked next to each other, each parent securing their own child in the car-seat and placing the shopping bags in the trunk. Jesse closed the car's door to his vehicle as Rosina did the same with hers right after, the two parents standing in front of each other with smiles on their faces.

"Thanks for spending the day at the mall with me and Ally." Rosina chuckled, to which the male in front of her chuckled as well.

"Well thanks for inviting me."

"Anytime." Both Rosina and Jesse continued to stare at each other, smiles on both of their faces. After a few long moments of silence however Jesse turned to his daughter, who was playing with one of the stuffed wolves he bought for her. He then looked over to Allison, who had her eyes shut and was leaning on a stuffed bird propped on her shoulder as a pillow.

"Good. They aren't looking." Jesse commented, looking back over to Rosina. Her smile was still there, though she now looked a bit confused as well.

"Aren't looking at what?" Rosina questioned.

"This." Jesse closed the space between the two of them and placed his warm fingers underneath Rosina's chin, gently tilting her head up and brushed his lips against hers. She didn't hesitate, pressing her lips harder against Jesse's in a long, passionate kiss. His lips were soft and warm, very much alive and welcoming.

"You can only choose one of us, while the other dies."

Caleb's voice from the nightmare Rosina had that night suddenly pierced through her mind as she quickly broke away from Jesse and took a step back, the male looking at her in confusion as Rosina's gaze fell to the black pavement underneath her feet. She knew that she had to choose between Jesse and Caleb since it was clarified that they both had feelings for her, and that she had feelings for both of them as well, but what would happen when she made the final decision? Rosina already knew that the other wouldn't actually die, but what would happen to that friendship? Would that be the thing that dies? She didn't want to lose either Jesse or Caleb, but she couldn't lead both of them on, especially since they both had feelings for the brunette. She had to make a decision soon, and by soon, it had to be done by later that night or the morning at the very latest.

"Are you okay?" Jesse asked.

"Yeah." Rosina nodded, looking back up to the male, his light brown hair glowing in the sunlight just like how it had in her dream. "I, uh... just have a lot of thinking to do."

"That's understandable." Jesse responded. "I know that dating when you have a child could feel a bit weird, since it's constantly on your mind if the person you're dating is a good match to be around your child. That's why I haven't been dating, but... I just feel differently with you." Jesse paused as both him and Rosina looked down. So he didn't suspect she had feelings for not only him, but for Caleb as well... it was actually a relief for Rosina, this reason being the one she can play off from.

"It's because we're both parents... so we have an understanding." Rosina said as the two locked eyes.

"Take all of the time you need to think about this. I know it is an important decision." Jesse offered her a smile, which she returned and nodded.

"Are we still meeting each other tomorrow at the pool?" Rosina asked.

"Yeah." Jesse chuckled, bringing Rosina to give another nod as the smile remained on her face.

Both parents pulled out of the parking-lot after getting into their own cars and began driving away, Rosina pulling out first as Jesse followed. Allison tiredly opened her eyes as Rosina stopped in front of a red traffic light, the toddler letting out a small yawn as Rosina turned her head around to give her daughter a smile.

"Did you have fun today?" Rosina asked.

"Yeah." Allison nodded, closing her eyes again as Rosina's gaze went to the car who had stopped behind her, seeing Jesse giving Rosina a smile. She waved at the male and then turned back around, the traffic light turning green a few moments later. The brunette placed her foot on the gas pedal and began to drive, only to have Jesse blow his car's horn a few moments later. Before Rosina could register what was happening a car suddenly slammed into her driver's side at full speed, the car who had hit her running the red traffic light in an attempt to escape a bank robbery the driver had committed.

The full impact caused Rosina's car to flip over twice and land up-side down as the roof skidded against the street's pavement, sparks from the metal being created as her car finally came to a stop about fifty feet away from where she first got hit after hitting a telephone pole. Rosina dangled up-side down from her seat-belt as two deep gashes were sliced across her face from when her driver's window had shattered, blood dripping down from the wound on her forehead which blinded her right eye.

"Ally..." Rosina called out as she forced her head to turn where her daughter was, the toddler unconscious and up-side down while strapped in her car-seat. "Allison." Rosina tried again, seeing all of the cuts that littered her daughter from the shattered glass. "Allison!" When Rosina yelled her daughter's name sharp spasms of pain traveled through her ribs, the brunette wincing in horrible pain as her vision began to blur. She tried to remain conscious but was unable to because of the concussion Rosina was developing, Jesse's faint shouts being the last thing she heard until a sea of darkness consumed her.

The next thing Rosina knew when she opened her eyes was that she was laying down in a hospital room, her torn and bloodied clothes had been stripped from her and now wore a hospital's white nightgown, her gaze falling around the room. Jesse stood a few feet away looking out the large window as he gazed at the night's sky, Rebecca wrapped in his arms as she stared up at the crescent moon. How many days had gone by? How long ago was the accident? The accident!

"Where's Allison?" Rosina suddenly asked as she sat up quickly, wincing in pain from her ribs as Jesse spun around to look at her.

"Don't make sudden movements, Rose." Bill said as he and Hanna stood from the other side of the room, both of them dressed in their doctor's uniform.

"You have five broken ribs, had internal bleeding which we stopped, a pretty bad concussion and a really bad sprained wrist and ankle." Hanna added, though Rosina didn't care as she ripped the IV out from the vein in her hand and stood up from the bed.

"Where's Allison?" Rosina growled, tears pooling her eyes as she began to limp towards the door.

"If we have to sedate you then we will." Bill warned as he stepped in front of the door. "Go lay back down on the bed and we'll explain everything to you." Rosina didn't move at first as she stood in front of her father, the two locking eyes until a warm touch lightly gripped Rosina's arm. She turned and saw Jesse standing in front of her with Rebecca, his gaze falling to the stitched wound that went across just above Rosina's right eye and then the other stitched wound which spread across her left cheek, the male's gaze falling back into hers.

"Please..." Jesse whispered, taking her hand into his as she nodded, guiding the brunette back to the propped bed where she painfully laid against the pillows.

"We need to talk to you about Allison." Hanna spoke as she walked over to the bed and sat down, the woman forcing back tears as she held Rosina's hand. "She's in Intensive Care right now on the other side of the hospital. We're doing everything we can for her, but..."

"But we don't think she's going to make it through the night." Bill finished as he fought back his own tears. Rosina laid there frozen as all of the color washed away from her body, looking from each face in the room as her parents' words dawned down on her.

"I want to see her." Rosina choked out as a lump formed in her throat, warm tears running down her cheeks which stung the one wound.

"You need your rest..." Bill protested.

"I want to see her!" Rosina shouted as the pain in her ribs worsened, the brunette wrapping her arm around them and winced.

"Okay okay." Hanna whispered as she stood up, quickly getting a wheelchair from the hallway and rolled it towards the hospital bed. Caleb entered the room then, having gotten a text message from Bill about what had happened and has been there for the past couple hours with Jesse. The two males did their best to avoid each other, and when they were in the same room the two males simply remained silent.

"Once we see her it's important for you to get some rest since it is a little bit after ten o'clock." Bill said as Rosina slowly climbed into the wheelchair with Caleb's help.

"Caleb and Jesse actually aren't supposed to be here since visiting hours have been over, but your father and I pulled a few strings since this is personal." Hanna added, to which Rosina looked at both Caleb and Jesse.

"You two managing to not kill each other?" Rosina asked as Bill rolled the wheelchair out of the room with the rest of the group following.

"It's difficult." Jesse responded, the two males glaring at each other.

"Behave. Both of you." Rosina growled. After a couple of minutes in silence the group reached a room where Hanna opened the door, Allison being placed in a private Intensive Care room as Bill wheeled his daughter over to the unconscious toddler on the bed. She had three tubes connecting liquid to her body along with a heart monitor and a machine to help with her breathing.

"We called Sean also but he didn't answer." Bill said as Rosina reached over and ran her thumb over the top of Allison's hand.

"Typical." Rosina said, fresh tears pooling down her cheeks and landed on her lap.

"Your uncle and aunt will be here tomorrow morning." Hanna added as Rosina nodded.

"Where's the driver who crashed into my car?" Rosina asked in anger, wanting to find him and stab a knife through his throat.

"He died on impact at the scene." Jesse responded. "It turned out he had robbed a bank and was trying to escape from the police." Rosina was silent for a few moments, letting Jesse's words sink in before she leaned over Allison's body despite the pain in her ribs.

"Now you listen to me, Allison Rose Blackwell, you will not die. Do you understand me?" More tears escaped Rosina's eyes as she spoke, her body beginning to shake as she tried to swallow the lump in her throat. "I have lost so many people from death, but I will not lose you too. You're going to pull through this, and when you wake up, I'll be sitting right here. I refuse to lose my daughter because of what a random man had done." Rebecca began to silently cry in Jesse's shoulder as tears burned his own eyes, his grip tightening around his own daughter for comfort as Caleb looked down towards the floor.

After about another ten minutes or so Rosina was wheeled back to her own room and laid down on the hospital bed, her gaze falling over to her mother who put another IV into her hand.

"Please don't rip this one out too." Hanna murmured as her daughter nodded, the whites in her eyes glassy and reddened from crying.

"I should get Rebecca back home and in bed since it's really really late." Jesse announced as his tone revealed his own sorrow over the situation, to which Rosina nodded.

"Will you be back in the morning?"

"Of course." Jesse nodded, saying his goodbyes to Rosina and her parents before leaving the hospital with his daughter.

"You should start going too Caleb, so Rosina can get some rest." Bill added to which the Vampire nodded in understanding, leaving the room after saying his own goodbyes. Hanna and Bill were alone with their daughter as they both sat on the bed, looking at Rosina with glassed eyes of their own.

"We promise you that we're going to do everything we can to save her." Hanna said as she held Rosina's hand, who gave a small nod and looked down.

"Do you need anything? Water? More pillows or another blanket?" Bill asked.

"I'm fine." Rosina whispered, her parents walking out of the room a few moments later and closed the door after turning out the light. Once they were gone Rosina covered her face with both of her hands and began shaking, the brunette breaking down at the very thought of losing her own daughter.

Caleb walked down the end of the hallway which Rosina's room was on and turned left, hiding behind the corner and stood there for a few moments. He could pick up Rosina's parents leaving the room and began walking down the other end of the hallway together with his enhanced hearing, as well as hear Rosina crying in her hospital room. His jaw clenched as his fists tightened in anger, the Vampire picking up on Bill's and Hanna's conversation as the pair turned towards another hallway.

"We have to do everything we can to keep Allison alive." Hanna said.

"It isn't looking good at all though... her body is so small and fragile. I'm honestly surprised she's survived this long." Bill responded with sorrow clear in his voice. "She'll need a real miracle and a guardian angel to pull through." Caleb looked down from Bill's words, the Vampire knowing exactly what he had to do before it was too late. With speed like a bullet he ran through the hospital's hallways without being detected, as well as grabbing a box of a plastic sterilized syringe with a long, thick needle from an unoccupied nurse's cart. He walked into Allison's room and closed the door, looking at the heart monitor as it showed slow, unsteady heartbeats.

"You're going to be just fine." Caleb reassured the unconscious toddler as he took off his sweatshirt and walked towards the bed, his black t-shirt revealing his slightly pale skin. The blonde took the syringe out from the box and out of the sealed package, taking off the green cap that was over the needle and slowly pieced the needle into the main vein in his left wrist. It wasn't until the syringe was filled only a quarter with his blood until he took out the needle from his vein, the Vampire only wanting to heal the life-threatening injuries so that it wouldn't raise an alarm from the doctors that she was suddenly completely healed overnight.

Caleb gently took the back of Allison's left wrist and carefully pierced the needle through her small vein at an angle, slowly injecting her with his blood until the syringe was emptied. The blonde's gaze fell to the heart monitor once again as he took out the needle from the toddler's body, her heartbeats becoming stronger a few moments later and moved at a steady rhythm. Caleb's smile widened as he sighed in relief, the Vampire shoving everything into his jean's pockets so he wouldn't leave behind evidence and slipped on his sweatshirt. He wanted to tell Rosina what he had done and that everything was going to be okay now, but he knew that he couldn't. Caleb just wanted to take away both her emotional and physical pain Rosina was feeling right now, the Vampire cursing and leaving the room without another word as he left the hospital instead.

Rosina didn't get much sleep but when she finally did manage to doze off she was woken up by her parents shaking her, the brunette's tired eyes snapping open as she sat up. The fact that some of her ribs were broken slipped Rosina's mind before sitting up, the brunette cursing and growling in pain as she looked towards her parents, surprised by the excitement in their eyes.

"I know that it's only seven in the morning but Allison is being taken out of the ICU and being brought to you as we speak." Hanna said in excitement.

"What?" Rosina asked in shock as her eyes widened.

"I don't know what the hell happened but all of her fatal injuries are gone, though she still has some pretty deep gashes on her from the glass but those are stitched closed. She's awake now and really wants to see you." Bill added with his own excitement just as a nurse was rolling in a hospital bed with Allison sitting up on it in a small hospital gown which matched Rosina's. The heart monitor and the machine which was helping the toddler breathe had been completely stripped away as only a single IV was hooked up to her arm, Rosina standing up despite all of the pain she was in and quickly limped over to her daughter.

"Mommy!" Allison said in excitement as Rosina wrapped her arms around the toddler, tears falling down her face and fell on her daughter's cheek.

"I can't even express in words how happy I am that you're going to be okay." Rosina said as she wiped away her tears, Jesse walking into the room with Rebecca in his arms. The toddler was the one who actually woke up her father early so they could go to the hospital, both her and Jesse eager to see how Rosina and Allison were doing.

"What's going on?" Jesse asked in shock when seeing how Allison looked compared to last night, his eyes falling over to Bill and Hanna.

"She's going to be okay." Bill responded, to which Rosina kissed her daughter endlessly on the cheeks as the toddler laughed, a wide smile showing up on both Jesse's and Rebecca's faces.

"That's amazing!" Jesse replied.

"The two of you need to stay in the hospital for awhile but your father and I figured you would be more comfortable if Ally shared the same hospital room with you." Hanna explained as she looked over to her daughter, who nodded as Jesse placed Rebecca on the hospital bed Allison was on.

"Be gentle with her, okay?" Jesse instructed as his daughter nodded, Rosina releasing Allison as Rebecca carefully hugged the other toddler. Everyone laughed, and despite the pain in Rosina's ribs she wrapped her arms around Jesse and hugged him, the male being careful not to hurt her as he wrapped his own protective arms around her as well.
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