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GHOST (Original name unknown)
D.O.B and Age:
19/10/95 ...17
Hometown and Country:
Ghost is strong willed, he is not easily persuaded and will stick to what he belives in. his main concern is family and that takes first priority. he tends to live by actions speak louder than words, (even though he doesnt talk). he is a observer, doesnt get into other peoples buisness unless he thinks nessecary.
Ghost's father passed away before he was born. His mother soon became depressed, and turned to drugs, making some bad deals to get her fix. Ghost stood by his mother, until the gangs murdered her for her debt. After her death, his mothers debt with the gangs was passed on to him to pay off. Fearing for his life, he ran away, and took on the name 'Ghost'. He lived on the streets of Melbourne, stealing food to stay alive. However if he ever came across money, he would give it to the people he stole from to pay for what he stole.


Made with this
Partner Pokemon Species and Nickname:
Absol, "Blade"

Bunnying Rights: *Username and extent*
None ATM
Start with or without Pokemon?

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