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Originally Posted by Charmander009 View Post

Trainer: Zayna
Currently: Battling with Pokemon and Morals

Aw, man, this isn’t fair…

What was with these Pokémon? I wondered. Were they protecting the bell? I got that this place was unusual, but… could it be that it was sacred to the native Pokémon?

No time to think. My Pokémon were being attacked, and I needed to act quick! Reaching to my belt, I pulled out my other two teammates—Jayde and Critter. I aimed the Nincada’s capsule at Freya, and the little insect appeared on the bird’s head.

“Jayde,” I started my orders. “Protect Freya!”

Being part ground-type, the Pichu’s electrical attacks would be useless against her. Releasing Critter, I turned my attention to the Psychic types. All of them were focusing their attacks on Blaze—the Charmeleon wouldn’t be able to move, much less fight back. I needed to find a way to distract them, even for a brief moment.

“Critter, use Smack Down on that Munna!” I knew that this would bring the pink creature down the earth, which in turn would break its concentration. But as for the Ralts… I wasn’t sure what I could do with them, so I turned to Freya. “Gust attack on the Ralts, now!”

I bit my lip as I watched the battle unfold. Freya was the quickest, flapping her wings rapidly at the white-and-green Pokémon. They flinched as the wind created by her attack flicked dirt up into their eyes, and the light around Blaze lessened. The Pichus fired their thunderbolts at the bird in retaliation; however, the bug on Freya’s head leapt up and intercepted them. They were absorbed into her body with no apparent affect.

Blaze winced as the Munna’s attack took effect. Critter finally got his turn to shine, however. Stomping his peg legs, he forced rock from the ground and fired it up at the Munna. It flew up from underneath it, catching it beneath the chin. The rock floated above the wild Pokémon for a brief moment before falling back towards the ground with hard momentum, forcing it to the ground. Blaze was at last freed from his imprisonment.

“Blaze, quick!” I called out to him. “Flamethrower!”

The Charmeleon let out an outraged roar, fire spewing from his mouth. He directed the line of fire towards the Pichu and the Ralts, scaring the latter two backwards. Just as the reptile started turning his head towards the Munna, however, he cut off abruptly and called out in pain. The ground heaved beneath him, throwing him off balance. The wild Nincada! I had forgotten about it seconds after disappearing underground!

“Blaze, return!” I pulled out the Charmelon’s capsule and quickly recalled him. This was bad—he had taken three Psychic attacks, as well as a Dig attack… The last was especially super-effective against his fire. He would need some serious healing after this.

Yet the battle was not yet over. “Freya! Gust on the Nincada!”

The Pidgeotto quickly dispatched the bug, but we still had the Pichu and the Munna to deal with. The former two seemed rather tired. Something seemed to click in my memory just then—and I got the impression that I didn’t need to worry about electrical attacks from them now. The tiny mice couldn’t store much electrical energy in their bodies, and I imagine that they had spent it all on those thunderbolts. Still, they needed taken care of.

“Critter!” I turned to my rock. He seemed to understand, preparing an attack. Just as he summoned a boulder from the earth, he suddenly froze up. An eerie glow emanated from him—not unlike the one that had surrounded Blaze earlier. I turned to see the Munna staring at him with glowing eyes. It was attacking him!

“Fre—,” I started, but before I could finish, Jayde leapt in. The Nincada latched itself unto the Munna and dug its insect mandibles into it, pulling off a Bug Bite attack. A Pichu raced towards her, tacking off. I marveled at the little bug’s sudden pluck—but not for too long. Worried that she might get hurt, I called out, “Jayde, Dig!”

Obediently, the bug burrowed its way underground, effectively escaping the Pichu’s assault. Critter was finally able to finish his attack, crashing his boulder onto the Munna as well as the one Pichu. With those two knocked out, only a lonely Pichu was left. Despite having the odds turned against it, the Pichu turned to us bravely and tried to charge up electricity. Its cheeks sparked rather sadly, hardly matching its bravery. I frowned sympathetically, admiring its pluck. These bells must be important to the wild Pokemon, if they were so adamant about protecting it.

Jayde’s Dig attack finally came to realization—being super-effective, it finished off the last wild Pokémon. I sighed in relief before thanking everyone for their efforts. Turning around, I stared at the last remaining bell. A decision laid before me: do I ring the last bell? Or do I move on? I was wary, but…

I really wanted to ring it. Honestly, there was this undeniable urge that was eating at me. What would happen? What could it do for me and my Pokemon? The first bell had roused our spirits; the second had calmed our minds… The third…

No. I shouldn’t do it. This place had to be important to the native Pokémon, and I felt like I was desecrating it.

Ring it!

…Would it make me a horribly greedy, selfish person?

Ring it!

My hands shook as I stretched them towards the bell.

Do it!

I did.
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Time seems to slow down as you reach for the last bell. Everything about this seems wrong but you do it anyways. Your hand presses against the coarse rope and you pull down on it. The low tone of the bell sends out a shock wave that seems to echos throughout the woods. The low tone seems to hit you in the gut of your stomach, you have never felt this way before. You fail to notice the dead leaves falling off the trees. Still in shock you try to pull your hand away but find that its stuck. You being to pull frantically each time you pull you strike the bell again and again until the bell begins to break itself apart. Charmeleon fearing it was going to explode jumps in the way sending out a massive blast of fire. Your heart stops as you look away from the blast. The fire hitting the bell causes a new sound to ring. Soon you start to hear soemething else.







You struggle to cover your ears as the same word seems to ring through your very thoughts. As quickly as it started it stops. You look up to notice the bell is starting to melt. You pull back as hard as you can but still your hand is stuck. You watch in horror as the melted bell started to drip down the rope. The strange liquid metal seems to have a mind of its own as it moves down the rope and into your palm. As soon as it reaches palm your hand is let loose and you fall back. You scream out in pain as you the metal burns your palm. You get up gripping your hand, you must find water to stop the burn !

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