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Default Re: Sheepat Vs. White Knight

I took a breath of the fresh mountain air, happy to finally be out and about reffing again. It had been a long time since my last round, and I was looking forward to this one. As I pulled myself up on a few rocks, my eyes caught the outline of two people just ahead of me, shrouded in the slight mist that settled on the rocky cliffs. Sheepat and White Knight had been looking for a referee for a while, and I was lucky to be the first to approach them. Nacht sat on my shoulder happily, also ready to watch the battle get underway.

I raised my hand to the sky, signaling the release of the trainer’s Pokemon. Sheepat released a Meinfoo. Lexington hopped around a bit on his feet getting used to the new terrain before settling into a fighting stance as he awaited his opponent. White Knight released his pokemon shortly after. The ground rumbled as Jakana, his Dragonite, appeared. Lexington looked up at the huge animal that stood in front of him, almost having to bend all the way back to see her face. Jakana simply smirked, ready to crush the fighting type like a bug.


Lexington (Mienfoo) Male
Ability: Regenerator
HP: 100
NRG: 100
Status: That’s a BIG dragon
Sub @ 1% After Wing Attack ~ Rock Slide

White Knight

[Jakana]Dragonite (F)
Ability: Inner Focus
HP: 100
NRG: 100
Status: Ready to stomp
Wing Attack/Dragon Dance ~ Dragon Tail/Dragon Dance

Round 1

Jakana wasted no time in attacking. Being much faster than the Meinfoo, she began to pump her wings at a furious pace, lifting her body off of the ground. With a smirk, she forced herself forward, slamming one of her bat-like wings into Lexington’s small body. The Meinfoo was thrown back, and actually bounced a few times before skidding slowly to a halt. Wincing, the Meinfoo laid still for a few seconds before pushing himself to his feet again. Time to turn the tides of this battle.
[Jakana: -4 NRG| Lexington: -19 HP]

Glancing around him, Lexington glanced at all the rocks scattered around the place. Perfect. With precision and speed, he gathered them up into a large pile before slamming his fist right down the center. Some of the rocks crumbled away, leaving a “sculpture” that slightly resembled his small form. Lexington closed his eyes, forcing some of his energy into the doll. The rock sprung to life, standing in front of its creator as it faced Jakana with no fear whatsoever.
[Lexington: -1 NRG, -1 HP; Sub @ 1%]

Jakana watched the proceedings with slight amusement, knowing she could crush this doll just as easily as she could crush Lexington. Ready to show her strength, she ran at the pair, her tail glowing slightly as she swung it back and forth. With a mighty heave, Jakana turned her body and slammed her tail into the doll. The rock shattered on impact, some pieces flying off the edge of the cliff and into nothingness. Well, so much for that.
[Jakana: -4 NRG| Lexington: Sub Destroyed]

Lexington wasn’t discouraged. In fact, it was all part of a plan. Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes once more, planting his feet as he felt the earth beneath him. As soon as Jakana turned on him once more, the Meinfoo let out a grunt, slamming his tiny foot into the ground. The rocks shuddered, and Jakana heard a rumble behind her. Turning, her eyes widened as she saw rocks falling towards her. She was unable to react, and felt them pummel her back and wings. The assault stung more than it should have, and left the Dragonite slightly dizzy once the onslaught ended. However, she recovered quickly and turned to face her opponent. The next round wouldn’t go in his favor, she would make sure of it.
[Lexington: -16 NRG| Jakana: CRITICAL, -15 HP]

Round 1 End


Lexington (Mienfoo) Male
Ability: Regenerator
HP: 80
NRG: 83
Status: Stinging, but pleased

White Knight

[Jakana]Dragonite (F)
Ability: Inner Focus
HP: 85
NRG: 92
Status: Those rocks hurt, but still ready to smash.

(Wing Attack) - Critical hit rolled a 1210, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit.

(Substitute) - Straightforward.

(Dragon Tail) - Critical hit rolled a 2445, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit.
Accuracy rolled a 16 where rolling more than 90 resulted in this action missing the target.

(Rock Slide) - Critical hit rolled a 367, where rolling 625 or less resulted in a critical hit.
Accuracy rolled a 35 where rolling more than 90 resulted in this action missing the target.
Effect: Rolled from 1 to 10. Result was 2.

Sheepat, your moves please.

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