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Question Looking for friends and a favor

Hello everyone, Ive recently purchased my copy of pokemon white 2 and loved it. Im looking for friends to trade with and such and would kind of need a huge favor from someone willing to help me out as well as someone trusting enough to believe me when i say that i will retrade if needed.

unfortunately i made the mistake of teaching 'TM FLASH to a pokemon early in the game. Since then the pokemon has grown and I taught it a new move in place of it. To my knowledge there is only one Flash in the game and I have used it. I have searched everywhere in the game trying to find another as well as checked about every place to purchase items with no luck. If you are willing to trade/lone me your pokemon with the Flash it would be greatly appreciated.

Either PM me with your friend code or feel free to post on this thread itself and if there is an specific pokemon you are looking for from the White that you cannot get or are having trouble finding feel free to make a request.

Thanks in advance to all,

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