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Default Re: Looking for friends and a favor

Hey, welcome to PE2K =) I can't trade right now (at school) but here's something that might help you out...

Volbeat is the only Pokemon that can learn Flash by level-up. It also learns it as a Starting move, which means if you go to the Move Relearner at the Pokemon World Tournament and give them a Heart Scale, you can teach your Volbeat Flash no matter its level.

So maybe you could try getting ahold of a Volbeat through trades or the GTS? You can't catch Volbeat in White 2, but you can catch Illumise in swarms on Route 3 if you've beaten the Elite 4. If you breed Illumise, you have a chance of the egg hatching into a Volbeat.

If you want any more info on any of this, just let me know. ^^ Otherwise, I can trade you a Volbeat with Flash later on tonight.
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