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Originally Posted by akmal89 View Post
Trainer: Akmal
Party: Pyro the Vulpix
Currently: Meeting Pyro and take a walk at the beach

"Alright I've got my first pokemon ever!" Shout Akmal while taking out Vulpix out of its pokeball.


"Hey mate we're gonna be partner from now on. Since you're a Fire type I'm gonna call you Pyro. How's that sound?" Akmal asked.

"Vul Vull" Vulpix jumps with joy.

"First thing first I need to check your stat" says Akmal while open up the PokeGear.

Nature: Relaxed
Desc: Often lost in thoughts
Ability: Drought
Attack: Tail Whip, Roar, Quick Attack, Heat Wave

"Okay sounds good enough for me. Let's start first by exploring this town. To the beach we go since doesn't looks like there is any other trainer here." Akmal said.


As you walk through the town a man holding a map bumps into you. He stops pretty embarrassed.

"gee, Sorry about that ! I came here to see the Lighthouse ! you wouldnt happen to know where it is at?"

Originally Posted by SHADOW_JOKER View Post
SHADOW_JOKER and James the Charmander are deciding to leave Andromeda town and head off into route one. They rest for the night and start their journey on the 19/12/12.

Officer Bill

The officer walks up to you and your charmander.
"You new in town ?"

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