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Default Re: Bronies and Anti-Bronies

I watched the first episode just to see what the buzz was about, but when it was done, I just kind of shrugged and didn't really see what was so epic about it. I found Twilight Sparkle's cynicism of the whole lunacy of the situation funny, but that was pretty much it. From where I'm sitting, the show is still meant for a much younger demographic and it still comes across to me as a little weird that some people are crazy about this.

What does bother me is this. And this is just what's on DeviantArt, never mind the remaining 99.99% of the rest of the Internet:

Metro 2033, (Again)
XCOM Enemy Unknown
Diablo III
Max Payne, (Again), (And again)
Assassin's Creed
Duke Nukem
God of War
Resident Evil
Left 4 Dead (Again)
Borderlands, (Again)
Skyrim (Again)
Battlefield 3 (Again), (Again)
Halo, (Again)
Mass Effect
Call of Duty (Again), (Again), (Again)
Fallout (Again), (Again)
The Walking Dead

And on and on. And trust me, I didn't even need to dig that deep to get all this. Put in any game or fandom and you'll see this kind of stuff constantly popping up. So yeah, no matter what you search for, chances are good someone has already plastered it with My Little Pony, and if you're searching for fan art of your favorite game or thing, you'd better be ready to see plenty of this kind of thing floating around whether you like it or not.

And that's the problem. A great many Bronies don't seem to think from the perspective of the people who have gotten tired of seeing this stuff everywhere and think the more they force it down on the rest of us, the more likely we'll just give up and hop on the bandwagon for better or for worse. Sorry, but things don't work like that. If you've never liked the way someone was forcing their religion upon you, then you'll know exactly what this feels like.

If you like it and love to watch it for whatever reason, that's fine, to each his own. No one has the right to decide for you what you're supposed to like and dislike. But stop trying to inject it into places where it just doesn't belong and upon people who obviously aren't part of the target audience.

I'll admit, I did this kind of thing with Pikachu a few times and I got rightfully nailed for it, though I learned my lesson and it's not something I would ever do again. People got annoyed, insulted it, and generally lost their patience with me and looking back, I could totally understand why they felt that way. Don't make the same mistake I did.

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