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Default Re: Gotta Catch 'Em All Kanto: Blue Version

Charlie: "Sear! Time to be rid of this guard!"
Sear: "Let's finish up here!"

Pokemon Using: Charmeleon
Foe's Pokemon: Nidorino
Pokemon Points: 16
Foe's Points: 16
Bonus: Nope
Pokemon Points: 0
Foe's Points: 0

Sear sprints into action angered by the guards retaliation to Pince's Stun Spore. With blazing jaws the Charmeleon latches onto the Nidorino, gripping him at the back of his neck. The Nidorino is surprised by the burning and the pain inflicted by Sear's sharp teeth. He manages to fight back. He bounces Sear up and down forcing her to land on his venomous horn multiple times. The result is practically a combination of Poison Sting and Fury Attack. Sear is badly injured by this. The Nidorino, effectively burnt around the neck and still having a Charmeleon clamped onto it, charges into the shelves. Sear hits the shelves and is yet again injured badly. The Nidorino succumbs to the pain. Sear sees the world begin to spin suffering from the poison. She collapses as the world turns black.
Both Faint!!
Charlie rushes over to Sear and lifts her up. She looks frantic. She makes an attempt to dress the wounds. She notices the poison wearing off as Sear stirs. She calls Sear back into her Pokeball after calling out Togue.
She looks up at the guard angrily.
Charlie: "Togue! Get' em!
The Mankey sees Sear's shape just before, his order. He doesn't hesitate, and after an epic fifteen second battle, he effectively knocks out the guard.
Charlie: "Togue, come back."
Pince the Paras returns to her Pokeball.
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