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Default Re: Slender Syndrome [A Slenderman/Silent Hill RP] (SU/Discussion)

Dude... this looks cool.

Name: Secily Jones

Age: 20

Gender: Female

Description: She is caucasian, 5'6", and weighs about 110 pounds. She is very thin in appearance. She has dark almost cloudy eyes. She wears contacts tinted red. She has black hair that is very short. It barely passes her ears, and her bangs reach her eyes. Her hair is spiked downward, and the tips are dyed deep crimson. She wears tan cargo pants, black leather steel-toed boots, and a black tank-top. She also has a studded black leather jacket. She wears it to hide scars covering her arms. She has a questionable sexual orientation at best which she isn't particularly open about. She doesn't wear any jewelry. She typically tries to look more fearsome. She has good posture and stands erect.

Personality: One could say she doesn't trust people. She is typically anti-social. She tries to look fierce to drive people away. This typically works. She, as you could probably guess, is not entirely fond of herself. She is also mentally and emotionally unstable. She does not show many other aspects of her personality. She does have a heart burried somewhere inside the tough "I don't need nobody" act.

History: She was born into the family of a Soldier. There was nothing really special about her mother. Her father was loving but strict. He was not harsh or abusive. He taught her how to shoot guns at a young age. She was particularly fond of her dad. Her dad was involved in a mission, and he unfortunately made it back in a body bag. Her grief stricken mother moved in with Secily's uncle. The uncle was an abusive drunk, and, simply put, he was by no means a gentleman. I assume I don't have to go into the specific horrors that he put them through. Secily was rather scathed. She obtained unhealthy dieting habits and spoiled her knife. She was having nightmares as well. She also began sketching horrible manifestations and depictions of death, including that of her uncles. Her uncle did not find this amusing. She grew up ashamed by his words and actions. She was afraid of people and resolved to make them just as afraid of her. She was institutionalized after being ruled insane. This was after she murdered her uncle. She was in the process of being rehabilitated, but she woke up one day finding herself outside in a strange town underneath a set of wooden stairs leading up to a porch.

Additional Information: Secily has her knife. She has her phone, which is having issues. It seems to not have service, the battery won't deplete, and she is recieving texts without numbers. The texts seem ominous but show that she can recieve texts. Secily is also good with guns, but she does not have one right now.

I wanna go Proxy, so I guess I will talk to Slend- Zolar about it if I am accepted
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