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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Hmm?

"Well it doesn't look like you're doing anything wrong." I comforted him. He turned around.

"Wh-who are y-?" He stumbled.

"I'm a trainer as well! I have two badges." I flash my badges.

"Two?! I don't even have one!" He cried.

"Well, I see you're trying to catch a Yanma." I smiled.

"Yeah...I can't catch it though." He frowned.

"Some Pokemon are stubborn like that. What ball are you using?" I asked.

"A Pokeball. It's all I've." He frowned again.

"Hmm. Well Pokeballs are pretty basic, but not a good choice for rarer Pokemon like Yanma." I sighed. "I'd give you a Net Ball if I hadn't lost it to a Lotad." I groaned.

"You have two badges and couldn't catch a Lotad?" He wondered.

"Well badges increase the chance yes, Pokemon respect trainers with more badges, but that doesn't mean 100% chance of getting captured." I explained.

"I see...Well what AM I doing wrong?" He wondered.

"You're not doing anything wrong. You just have to weaken it and hope for the best." I pat his back.

"I've been chasing Yanma for a long time now...I still can't catch it." He sighed.

"No worries~" I whistled. "We all fail sometimes, but we have to get right back up and try again!" I grinned.

"W-Will you help me catch Yanma then?" He looked into my eyes. Deep into my soul.

"Of course! Let's get moving!" I started jogging.


After some kind words on your behalf the young man seems happy. The two of you headed off the path to find where that Yanma had gone. You knew that Dragonfly type pokemon liked to be around water so you headed towards the sound of running water. As you rushed through the tall grass surround the little creek you noticed lots of pokemon but once they saw you they ran away.

Archie pushed the through the grass which seemed to be almost as tall as he was.
"I think I see it ! " He whispered to you.

Sure enough you look over and there it was sitting on a branch cleaning its wings. The Yanma was curious creature. It was a very rare pokemon so you felt happy just to be seeing one.

Archie pulled out a pokeball and a little Pidgey came out. He looked up at you
"So how do I do this ?"

Write a paragraph to help him capture it

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