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Default Re: Pokemon designs are only getting better

I actually like Gen 5 a lot overall. There were only a handful of Pokemon I liked from Gen 4 and I was overall pretty disappointed with the Pokemon. I agree Gen 5 seems to be going back to the roots of Pokemon (with a few exceptions) and I think it's a step in the right direction. I enjoyed Gen 5 more than Gen 4 or Gen 3.

I really dislike Pokemon modelled on manmade objects. They just don't make sense to me. u_u I realise gen 1 had some offenders but even then Voltorb and Magnemite were believable as creatures in their own right, not exact copies of manmade items. Vanilluxe can't be anything but an ice cream (for the record I like Vanillite). Klink is just two gears... (probably my most disliked gen 5 Pokemon, its evolutions are so boring!) I actually feel Trubbish fits into the Pokemon world better than either of them xD Litwick too, even though they are both modelled on manmade things. But this is all personal opinion!
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