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Default Re: You're Using THAT Pokemon?

Originally Posted by BidoofIsBest View Post
lol My Bibarel is often a shock to my opponents, he is almost always underestimated. His strong defense and wide variety of attacks constantly catch people off guard and launch me to victory.
I'd love to agree, but Bibarel is perhaps one of the easiest pokemon to walk all over. He has a diverse group of attacks, but his stats are too low to actually do anything with them.

On topic, I used to run a team dubbed 'POWER UP THAT NIDOKING.' Certainly an interesting team. I used Venomoth with Quiver Dance/Baton Pass/Sleep Powder. His speed is decent, so he could outspeed most starters. Only downside is Sleep Power isn't Spore, but the general idea was to quiver dance 2-3 times then baton pass to Nidoking, which would then proceed to sweep their team with his extremely diverse movepool. It was fun at least. The link to the thread for interest. Appears the images I used back then are now outdated.
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