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Originally Posted by Typhlosion Explosion View Post

Trainer: Corey Ty

Currently: Stealth Mode: Back On

I resume looking out into the trees. Stealth Mode is back on. Anything could happen now...
Oh where, oh where could that Blitzle be? Oh where, oh where could it be~?

Well, this tree isn't helping you any. Sighing, you climb down and look around for another to climb. A little ways down the road, you spot one that seems pretty easy to get up into. The foliage is a little strange, though--large broad leaves longer than your entire person. You're not an expert on plants, however, so you shrug it off and assume it's a mere palm tree.

Hopping up onto a moss-covered boulder, you prepare to scale the trunk. Before you can reach the first branch, however... The ground shudders beneath you. The boulder is moving! It's alive!!!

You call out as you fall back to the ground. The vegetation before you shifts as a creature wakes from its slumber. That thing you thought was a tree? Well, you were slightly less than correct. You find yourself facing a dinosaur of a Pokemon--a green-and brown giant with a long neck and leaf-like wings.

A wild Tropius appeared! Want to catch it? Write a paragraph about the battle!

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